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FEBRUARY 16, 2011

• Large Lyn and bogus “Truths”
• Cave Creek elections

Deceased President Lyndon Johnson was often accused of voting the cemetery in Texas, and investigation proved him guilty.

Who would have thought that a similar situation would occur in Carefree?

One of the most inaptly named online blogs is Lyn Hitchon’s “Carefree Truth.” There is nothing truthful about it. It is merely a propaganda machine for Carefree’s GOB dominated administration. She has never disagreed with the GOB buddies on council, but she is hell on wheels about Bob and Susan Coady, Doug Stavoe, John Traynor and other worthy Carefree people.

Linda Bentley bylined a news story in the Feb. 9 online issue titled, “‘Carefree Truth’ and letters from the dead.”

Bentley discovered on Feb. 1, Hitchon posted an inflammatory, and largely untrue, letter to the next “Truth” blog that assaulted Carefree Mayoral candidate Doug Stavoe. It was signed Laurette Bouthillier. One big problem, Bouthillier died in 1996.

bil canfield cartoon
The question then is, did Bouthillier’s daughter of four names precipitate the hoax or did Hitchon? It seems they are both culpable.

It is curious Bouthillier’s daughter indentifies herself as Hollis Bergman, Holly Pagliaro, Hollis A. Pagliaro, Hollis A. Bergman and Hollis A. Pagliero-Bergman. Maybe that is the problem. She doesn’t know who she is and she picked up an old obituary to remind herself.

Pagliaro has a business called Wild Holly Garden Gallery and she is also the statutory agent and organizer, with Jo Gemmill, of Carefree Business Group LLC. The council has funded them even though they also fund a Chamber of Commerce. With Pagliaro’s connections with GOBs and Hitchon it is now obvious why they advertise with publications that have far less circulation and real newspaper abilities than Sonoran News has.

It seems Pagliaro and Hitchon are dear friends since Pagliaro, unlike most people, has the stomach to sit with her at meetings.

The question is: What did Hitchon know and when did she know it? Did she deliberately publish a bogus letter? Since Pagliaro’s deceased mother’s name is used, isn’t it obvious who wrote it if Hitchon didn’t?

Apparently, Hitchon was in such a hurry to defame Mayoral candidate Doug Stavoe that she got careless. Now, all first-named and no-names on her so-called “Truth” series are brought to question.

How will she explain her carelessness to Schwan and his GOB masters? Will she be forgiven and allowed to stay on the planning commission? How will she prove that others on her “Truth” list aren’t bogus too?

Why hasn’t the GOB-dominated council kicked her off the commission? If she were praising non-GOBs she would have been history as soon as she published her praise of non-GOBs. It must be hell to serve invisible masters.

And what is with Hitchon’s doctor husband? He sits with her at council meetings videoing the proceedings. Hello Herbie, hope your patients don’t pick up on your curious hobby. Wonder what a man of healing thinks about bogus e-mails? Medical schools teach students that (real) truth is the only option.

Anyway it is voting time; be sure to vote for Doug Stavoe for mayor and vote against either Arthur Gimson or Vice-Mayor Glenn Miller and begin the process of having a modern government rather than a third world one.

The Scottsdale Republic printed a letter from ex-mayor Wayne Fulcher. Or is he ex-mayor? Remember he, former Vice Mayor Lloyd Meyer and former Councilman Greg Gardner resigned rather than face a runoff election. So who do Schwan, Miller and Councilman Bob Gemmill go to for advice at a secret meeting? The same three who ran rather than be “disgraced” by a runoff election. Great people to get advice from.

Fulcher, of course, pimped for Schwan and GOB candidates by savaging council candidate Jim Peirce in a letter to the Scottsdale Republic. While Fulcher calls Peirce’s actions against the town unreasonable, most weren’t; it was that the town had unlimited resources and Peirce didn’t. Peirce has an IQ twenty points higher than anyone in town hall, and certainly at least that much of a gap over GOBs.

Miller refused to talk to me about the secret meeting and Schwan told Reporter Linda Bentley, after all sorts of evasion, he couldn’t remember what he had for breakfast let alone a meeting that happened two days ago. A mayor with dementia or just a cheap liar? Neither are qualifications for mayor.

Cave Creek
In the mayoral race in Carefree Schwan was asked why Carefree was in a turmoil while Cave Creek, once deemed “Too Tough to Govern,” was now placid.

Schwan quickly replied, “I guess you haven’t heard about property tax.”

Indeed. I received a hand written letter damning Vice Mayor Ernie Bunch for voting against a public vote for property tax and he was called a damned liberal. Bunch is about as far right as you can get. The letter also said it wasn’t Bunch’s job to vote against a public vote.
Yes it is his job. We have a representative form of government and he represents us. Besides, those busy body liberals can always float an initiative, which is what the town-appointed like-minded liberals say is what they are going to do. So there may be a vote on a property tax in May 2012.

Let’s hope that town hall uses the time between now and then to seek viable alternatives since property taxes should never insult town citizens with its unfairness.

Towns of this size should seriously consider a volunteer fire department perhaps supported by other funds. In a year or so Walmart’s sales tax will begin to flow and the three percent sales tax should be reduced as should water rates. Citizens were promised that when Spur Cross Ranch property taxes were finished so would any future property tax.

They lied.