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JANUARY 26, 2011

Your View
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Why hasn't the Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce, that derives a lot of revenue through the Carefree town council, announced a council candidate forum as they conducted in 2009? Wait, I remember. Only GOB candidates and their supporters showed up. The non-GOB candidates refused to participate in the farce and stayed away. Look for GOB supporters to seek revenge and try to embarrass non-GOB candidates at this year's Sonoran News' forum.

The beatification of Pope John Paul II will take place on May 1. I propose sainthood for Councilman Bob "recycle" Coady for putting up with the Carefree town council dimwits for 12 years.

I’m a newspaper junky and trashed the Arizona Republic years ago in favor of Sonoran News and two national newspapers. Although appalled at front page advertisement (I am a traditionalist at age 78) I certainly understand your financial motives and noticed similar ads on other papers. I am sure Mr. Wendt (at the Buffalo Chip Saloon) will benefit with towering sales. What I wanted to say is the new layout, reduced size and single rather than two sections is plus, plus and plus! Keep up the good work and keep those editorials, ads and news coming. Thank you.

Editor’s note: Thank you!

The garish directional information signs in central Carefree, as irritating as sand in an unprotected eye, are sure to cost Mayor David Schwan votes in the primary election.

I hope that there is a chair for Town Administrator Neiss alongside Mayor Schwan and challenger Stavoe at the Sonoran News election forum on February 2. I doubt if the mayor can answer questions without conferring with the administrator.

I wish Sonoran News would stop exposing rampant GOB political sleaze and incompetence in Carefree. If most voters don't much care, why should this newspaper? Isn't there something to report about in Cave Creek? I say give Carefree GOB politicos a brake (sic).

It will be interesting to see what the Cave Creek candidates for council have to say to distinguish themselves from their opponents. At least in Cave Creek, there is a level of civility uncommon in most political arenas.

I had to reread "Mayor" Schwan’s letter regarding his middle name. I simply could not believe that anyone with an ounce of intelligence would write such an infantile letter. I have to admit, I am embarrassed for him. Where is his secretary? Where is his wife? Shouldn’t Schwan be more concerned with town issues rather than a moniker? It would appear to me that this "mayor" needs to be monitored before he speaks or writes. 

People who write to Your View criticize Mayor Schwan for his views on a property tax. Is anyone in Cave Creek paying attention? If you don’t, you will have one shoved down your throat to pay for fire protection. Consider this your notice.

Oh no, it's election time in Carefree; let the hate begin! Didn't anyone learn anything from the last election when we were constantly bombarded by hate mail from the likes of Hitchon?  Look at what happened to Ned Dobiak.  The man actually gave himself a heart attack while spewing animosity during a council meeting. 

Don, did you fact check that letter supposedly written by Schwan?  I cannot believe that he would write such a letter. It is no wonder people constantly make fun of him.

Editor's note: It came via e-mail with his screenname.

I think Cave Creek should create a volunteer fire department. Property taxes are the beginning of the end.

I see Carefree Councilwoman Vanik is not running for reelection. Is she in a snit because she wasn't invited to the secret meeting with six other political bigwigs? Or was she simply told not to run because her voting record turned out to be less than 100 percent pro-GOB?

Can we dispense with the Tucson tragedy commentary and let those people heal?

I hope someone asks Carefree Mayor Schwan at Sonoran News' forum about his meeting at the water company office. I'm pretty sure his response will be that he can't recall any such meeting, let alone remember what his handlers told him to do.

Is it true that since Fressadi filed bankruptcy the property he’s been ranting about is no longer his?

A leading auto association just announced its top ratings for hotels. So I checked a trip advisory website to see what visitors have to say about a local area resort. A guest from Washington, DC who stayed on Jan. 6 gave a 3/5 rating and reported in part, "A lot of smokers on the patio … smoking was not discouraged." The traveler went on, "They say the place is being remodeled. Our recommendation would be to wait until the remodeling is done." How long does remodeling take, anyway? Mayor Schwan should invite someone from the resort to inform town council on remodeling progress.

I just read a Letter to the Editor allegedly written by Mayor David "middle name Charles" Schwan. I trust that goofy letter was political satire and not something the mayor actually wrote. Anyway, everybody already knows he wants a property tax to fix the town's financial crisis.