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JANUARY 26, 2011

Super Bowl

Tucson tragedy

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Lots of goings on on the southeast side of Cave Creek Road! History was made last weekend when Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers prevailed. The Buffalo Chip Saloon hosts Green Bay Packers television and Harold’s Corral is Steeler country. Both restaurant/bars have erected tents anticipating overflow crowds.

But if you think that is local history, think about the Green Bay   Packers beating da Chicago Bears and the Pittsburg Steelers beating the New York Jets. That means in a couple of weeks both will be battling it out in the Super Bowl and both businesses will again fill their normal space and tents to capacity.

Delicious to think about and now a fact as the Packers and Steelers prevailed last weekend. Even superstition is playing a role as Larry Wendt got demands from Green Bay fans to leave the angel up on his Christmas tree since the Packers have won five games since he put it up.

bil canfield football editorial cartoon

Tucson Tragedy
No one except a few whackos would celebrate the shooting of Congresswoman Gabriel Gifford and six of 19 who died. These senseless killings only accomplish opportunities for the blame game. And nationwide the liberal press, liberal TV and blogs are wholesale blaming “the right wing,” conservative talk show hosts, Republican policies and gun owners. The Obama administration is infamous for saying and practicing the admonition that a crisis should never go to waste and this is a classic example.

The liberal press and news media is aflame with accusations while the conservative press and TV media is insulted and defending itself with rightful indignation.

Of course, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity and other figures of conservative thought and expression were accused by name. Where was the liberal media when liberals sold T-shirts with the headline printed on them ”Kill Bush?” with fake blood scattered on the T-shirt? How about the chic handbags sold by Café Press that featured “Kill Bush” statements together with a macho picture of John Kerry on a motorcycle? Then they sold a “Kill Bush” magnet showing Bush holding a gun to his head with a printed statement, “End Terrorism Now.”

Not a peep from the liberal media. In fact liberal cartoonists like the Steve Benson, the Arizona Cartoonist propagandist seemed overjoyed to be over the top in hyping anti- conservatism in the Tucson killings.

The Arizona Republic continues to assign its seasoned reporters as well as its illegal alien propagandists to all facets of the Tucson events. In non-stop reporting they covered every facet inside and outside the case. Maybe they are angling for a cluster of Pulitzer Prizes.

They publicized idiot Sheriff Clarence Dupnick who probably has compromised the case against the assassin. He blamed everyone for the murders except himself although his political bias was way left wing as you would expect in the Tucson area. Tucson should be given to Mexico since it has bleeding hearts down there for the burglars who break into the United States.

Arizona Republic’s E.J. Montini had a tear jerker in every column related to the Tucson disaster and used the event to complain about necessary state budget cuts especially Medicaid and organ transplants.

Has it ever occurred to Montini the state is broke? Also these programs are funded by our taxes and government borrowed money, which our grandchildren will struggle to pay. I didn’t see in any of his columns that he is making charitable contributions to help the needy, just bill the rest of us while paying ever increasing insurance and taxes.

Needy people are not stupid and they search out states with liberal social programs. If you build homeless shelters more homeless will come, more shelters must be built and social funded programs to clothe and feed them.

The Republic is also big on chiding the governor and legislature for limiting organ transplants. Never mind that liver transplants are often due to excessive consumption of alcohol and lung transplants are most often due to heavy smoking.

Organ transplants are a relatively new technology and are incredibly expensive as are many cancer treatments. Many people are not on AHCCCS and cannot get treatments because they or their insurance company prohibit treatment for financial reasons while those on AHCCCS get in line and are treated with our money.

Obamacare goes further because of no understanding of the needs of citizens and further wraps existing health care in wads of red tape. There is no way to successfully burden tax payers with health care costs without some kind of rationing as all countries with national health care do.

The Arizona budget deficit is huge thanks to out of control spending (Napolitano) and a nationwide drop in revenue from taxes and fees due to an extended recession.

Since education consumes half or more of the budget, schools will have to take a serious haircut and they will cry, after all it is for the kids. It isn’t for the kids, it is for people in the school system, especially administration, and is union driven at every level, local, state and national.

Support your legislature. They need support because they must do things which few want, But, if they are responsible, they will cut deep. We need to lose the reputation of being a welfare state.