Easy weight loss in Arizona

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appleResearchers in Arizona have found a natural weight loss formula. Working with over 2,000 Arizona residents over an 18 month period, the researchers have compiled an easy to follow weight loss program that is successful for most participants.

The seven step process is as follows:

Increase water intake. For most of us that simply means drink more water. But research proves fastest weight loss was found among participants that deliberately increased their water intake, and monitored their intake to assure at least 8 glasses per day. Filtered water and bottled water were chosen as the best by the participants.

Eliminate sweets.  Most participants were able to reduce sweets, but greatest weight loss was among those who completely eliminated all sweets. Participants said that in order to eliminate sweets, they usually had to find a replacement, such as sugar free chewing gum.

Eat more vegetables and fruits.  Fresh fruits and vegetables were better than canned. And vegetables are better than fruit because of the high sugar content in fruit. Best vegetables are leafy green vegetables, such as broccoli and lettuce. Researchers suggested keeping some fresh vegetables with you all day to snack on.

Eat apples.  Even though vegetables are slightly better than fruits, researchers say that people who ate apples lost more weight than any other group. The fiber in the apples, combined with the enjoyment of chewing the apple, caused a decrease in hunger for most participants.  Researchers suggest eating an apple and drinking a glass of water 20 minutes before each meal.

Eliminate all other drinks other than water.  Avoid alcohol, sodas, and any other flavored drinks in order to maximize weight loss.

Exercise. If you have not participated in exercise in some time, begin with walking. Walk in your neighborhood, walk at the local school. Begin with just 15 to 20 minutes a day, and gradually work to a longer period of time. If you have been involved in an exercise program, then increase the activity. Greatest weight loss was found with participants who used resistance training (lifting weights).

Have a partner. The researchers were able to increase weight loss success by giving each participant an accountability partner. Your partner will see your weight daily as you step on the scale and be the person you can confide in if you fail to strictly adhere to the program. Best accountability partners were either spouses or members of the same church.

Researchers concluded almost anyone will readily lose weight if participants faithfully complied with the above formula for an extended period of time. The supervisors of the test program emphasized that in order to lose weight, a person must have permanent lifestyle changes, and not merely diet temporarily.