Guest Editorial


TUSD Ethnic Studies: Report after a review of student reading materials

Five months ago I requested hard copies of the textbooks and reading lists given to students in Tucson Unified School District's "Raza Ethnic Studies" Program. That program exists in three high schools in TUSD. It consists of a formal class plus an after school MeCHA (Movement of Chicano Students) Program sponsored largely by the same teachers who teach the class. MeCHA posters fill the formal classroom; so it is clear that the programs are tied together. After two or three months of effort, I was finally told that I had to file a request under Arizona's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to receive such copies. Over two months after I had done THAT I still had not been supplied the books. Keep Reading...


Tucson Shooting Catastrophe

We should all abhor, no matter what political party, the fact so many in the liberal media are blaming Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck along with several other conservatives, for the recent senseless murders in Tucson, Arizona. This action is beyond reasonable understanding. The majority of the intelligent population is aware of exactly what these, so called, media people are doing. Are Katie Couric, George Stephanopoulos, Brian Williams and all the other so called opinion news reporters like Keith Olbermann and Ed Shultz, all so brain dead they believe the lies they are spewing. If so, we are in more trouble, in this country, than previously thought. Furthermore, placing blame, correctly or incorrectly never solves problems. In some cases however, it does help cover up real problems, this could very well be one of those cases. It seems these people think being a hunter makes that person a violent person, or being a gun owner makes that person a killer and yet these same people defend the people who flew the airliners into the towers and the pentagon and also think cold blooded murderers should not be put to death by violent means. But unborn babies should be killed if the potential mother decides she doesn’t want it or changed her mind about the father. Keep Reading...