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JANUARY 19, 2011

Your View
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I live in Carefree and Carefree is a wonderful town, a quaint small town and now we look exactly like a carnival. Whoever authorized these unbelievable huge ugly signs that are now all over Carefree, it’s just awful. I don’t think we are so big that anyone couldn’t find our shops or dining … I don’t even know how to say it … and the Sundial. It is appalling that anyone would spend money to have these awful carnival signs put up. Thank you for listening and for having the Your View line.

A leading national index shows Phoenix area home prices fell 4.3 percent in the 12 months ended October 2010. I hope Carefree voters approve both Prop. 422 and Prop. 423 against a town property tax.

I was horrified to learn of the shooting of Rep. Giffords. This violent act is indicative of the narrow minded hatred that has infected this country. Lack of respect for any differing opinion now exists all the way from our federal down to our local government. Just consider homophobic John McCain. Or, Nancy Barto, who is supposed to represent all of her constituents, yet only recognizes those with her narrow religious ideals. Let us not forget our local, and most vicious hate monger ... Lyn Hitchon. What a sad commentary for Arizona.

In case anyone was wondering Mayor David Schwan voted to install the garish directional signs in central Carefree.

Maybe someone can explain to me why I should pay a property tax to fund Rural/Metro to eventually show up and watch my house burn down.

Hey, how bout that piss poor paving job just completed on N. 52nd St in Cave Creek. Did some really get paid to turn out that kinda work???

Carefree Prop. 422 & Prop. 423 that will make it more difficult to have a town property tax are to go before voters in the March all-mail ballot election just in the nick of time. The Town of Cave Creek has scheduled a property tax vote for its May election to fund local fire protection. Without Prop. 422 & Prop. 423 the Carefree council would be sure to follow in Cave Creek's footsteps but without allowing the public to vote.

I understand the Carefree Merchants Association is functioning without any liability insurance. I guess that means the town of Carefree, which contributes cash to the group, as well as individual members, would be held liable for a multi-million dollar tragedy occurring during a CMA-sponsored event.

A recent issue of Sonoran News quoted the Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce website as having "approximately 400,000 hits per month from all over the world." According to Internet traffic rank, there are 3,296,667 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than This newspaper's site does a lot better with a world ranking of about 912,000. So either Sonoran News' site is being swamped with hits or the Carefree Chamber's site is getting maybe four or forty hits per month.

Mayor David Schwan has insisted on spending $7,000 to have two consultants tell a joint session of Carefree council and the P&Z Commission the same information the consultants told the folks in Paradise Valley regarding Crown Castle (originally NewPath Networks). The boondoggle appears to be the mayor's effort to find political cover for not having established a strict telecommunications ordinance and an excuse to do nothing about cell towers littering the east side of town, far away from the mayor's house.

A major airline serving Phoenix has revamped its frequent-traveler program. I propose Carefree council begin offering a rewards system for frequent council meeting attendees. A ticket would b e given to a person each time they attend a meeting. Three tickets would entitle the attendee to chilled bottled water rather than room temperature currently offered.

I understand Mayor David Schwan has recruited Rural/Metro firefighters to do his political campaigning for him rather than do it himself. I wonder if there is any connection between that decision and the fact the Carefree fire contract is over half the town's budget.

The reported odds of winning a recent Mega Millions jackpot were one in 175.7 million, approximately the same odds as Carefree's GOB-run town council making a sensible decision.

The garish directional information signs in central Carefree, as irritating as sand in an unprotected eye, are sure to cost Mayor David Schwan votes in the primary election.

I just would just like to know why the paper has become so Carefree bound. There is Carefree city news Carefree this and Carefree that. This was a Cave Creek paper. Why is it not a Cave Creek paper anymore? Why is it so much Carefree? We need to disassociate with them. NOW!

According to the respected magazine National Enquirer quoting a new book due out Jan. 18, the American Idol TV show is "a backstage hotbed of sex, drugs, and out-of-control boozing."