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JANUARY 12, 2011

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The last time I checked, a gay can pull a trigger just as well as a straight. Time to get off of this old, antiquated wagon. Let those that wish to serve this country with honor do so!

I propose adding mini-LED lights to the outside of the New Path antenna towers that will capture radiation, glow and blink in the dark, providing a tourist attraction and a boost to the Carefree economy.

What would Arizona do without super patriot Sen. Russell Pearce? I learned of him through reading Sonoran News and your praise of him is well placed. Could you imagine him in the White House rather than that Islamic imposter? I pray daily that he will win on the challenge to the 14th Amendment and that SB 1070 will blow the doors off illegal aliens.

There is no telecommunications facilities section in the Carefree town code. How does Mayor David "property tax" Schwan propose to deal with New Path antennas?

I read in Linda Bentley’s report about the Carefree town council meeting and Posse member Jim Van Allen’s retirement. We owe him a lot for his service to the community and hope he gets more recognition that a mention in a council meeting. Talk about generosity, the man personifies it.

So Cave Creek decided to leave the half percent tax on the books. I am surprised there hasn’t been a revolt or are citizens assuming tourists are footing the bill? Those of us on town water should also take it out on candidates. I am tired of paying through the nose to keep a full staff at town hall. Maybe reverting to the county is timely.

Maybe the fact that women are running for council (in Carefree) might make effective changes since they may have the courage to be independent. I hope we can shake out in your forum which ones are GOB friends so we can vote intelligently. It is an opportunity I hope.

Saw your article about Rich Burden and hope he is the kind of guy to transfer (MCSO never fires) deputies who are so rude and nasty to citizens. If anybody needs sensitivity training, they do. Sometimes it is like living in a police state.

I am most surprised at the results on your survey so far. It is hard to believe citizens would vote for another property tax. If I could sell my house at a decent price we would be out of here. Cave Creek is not at all what friends told me about it. Sheep!

Carefree's failing town center remains economically depressed, showing that faux gas lights, A-frame signs, and wildly expensive directional information signs haven't improved business. The area desperately needs a sex magnet such as a strip club (whatever became of the "Wayne's Club" proposal?), adult toy store or massage parlor. Maybe former Mayor Ed Morgan's pet Lewis Easy Street project could be resurrected with a sex theme. Is Ed still on Lewis' payroll as a consultant?

The reported odds of winning a recent Mega Millions jackpot were one in 175.7 million, approximately the same odds as Carefree's GOB-run town council making a sensible decision.

I understand Mayor David "property tax" Schwan has recruited Rural/Metro firefighters to do his political campaigning for him rather than do it himself. I wonder if there is any connection between that decision and the fact that the Carefree fire contract is over half the town's budget.

I voted for Tom Horne and now I question his sanity. Appointing Ton Chenal (leaving his position as Carefree’s town attorney) to the Attorney General’s office is either stupidity or insanity, I didn’t vote for him to be a dumbass. Did he bother to check Chenal’s record at Carefree? Obviously not. Horne has shown he likes yes men, at best.

I served in the military for 20 years and saw a few gay guys and many gay women. It seemed gay women found a home in the military and many, including me sought transfers when gay women became our commanding officer. The powers that be rarely turned down a transfer, I think whoever made transfer decisions were sympathetic, I have been approached by a few guys and most just went away when they were firmly told you weren’t interested, but one like your experience, crossed the line by trying to fondle me and I too “decked” him and he left me alone after that. I wouldn’t serve under the military after the ending of Don’t ask, Don’t tell, and I have so advised my relatives and friends.

The good news is the many “friends” who visit us annually to escape the winter north and east decided the cold temperature here rivaled that at “home” and they bailed out. For once we retirees enjoyed a Christmas and New Years ALONE! My, how we enjoyed the peace and quiet.

El Pedregal Festival Marketplace at the Boulders appears to be emptying out its tenants by raising rents as leases expire. Do the owners plan to develop the prime location into a high end shopping site with luxury condominiums? Whatever happened to former Mayor Ed "crab cakes" Morgan's Lewis Easy Street "vibrant mixed-use project offering restaurants, galleries, retail & luxury living in downtown Carefree"? Maybe it is time for Mayor David "property tax" Schwan to call his GOB pal Morgan and find out when the project will begin. I hope the Easy Street deal doesn't turn out to be a hoax on gullible Carefree voters.