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JANUARY 5, 2011

Your View
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I just got back from the Christmas holiday with family and read the letter from A.J. Patterson about Obama’s treachery for the benefit of the LGBT community in payment for their support of his presidential campaign. Such is the stuff of nightmares. The U.S. military cannot be “used” in this way without serious ramifications. [Dec. 22 issue]

Maricopa Association of Governments will invite bids from firms for a contract to study carpool-lane conversions to high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes. Because of Carefree's financial condition I propose Carefree Auto Roadway Tax (CART). Every vehicle registered to a Carefree resident would be equipped with an electronic recording device and owners would be billed quarterly for miles driven on local roads. That way Mayor David "property tax" Schwan could generate cash for a town hall office tower without actually having a property tax.

The Cattlemen’s Association commentary about Napolitano’s lack of understanding of border security is greatly appreciated, but to follow with Scottsdale resident Bill Crawford’s suggestion to appoint Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the post is just perfect.

Obama has failed to revive the economy. “We'll borrow more money then anybody in history and spend it, give it to doctors, call it health care, that'll fix everything, it’s a stimulus, just give it a chance." That's insane!!! Or, maybe we'll all do that, borrow more money then anybody and spend it! Yea yea, that's real crazy! The economy will get worse and fall apart.

Don, thank you for your editorial about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and for publishing the letter in the Dec. 22 issue by A.J. Patterson entitled “Obama sure to win 2012 Presidential Election.” The only way to ensure that what Patterson wrote about doesn’t happen is to keep it front and center – along with all of the other egregious errors made by this man.

It appears that Carefree is headed for another puppet town council in the 2011 election. The Shadow Government composed of former officials (Mayor Fulcher, Councilman Gardner, and Vice Mayor Meyer) plus a handful of their cronies will be pulling the strings of Mayor David "property tax" Schwan, Vice Mayor Miller, and at least two other GOB supporters on the next council. I hope that both Props. 422 & 423 that will help keep the council's hands out of my wallet pass.

It is so refreshing to read Sonoran News. I don’t remember seeing the Pledge of Allegiance in any newspaper in my memory. It is great you bring to our attention what makes us proud to call this great nation home. Although the letter title said something about it being posted in every school, I think it should be posted everywhere we meet in public.

Why didn't Mayor Schwan take action to prevent New Path from installing their unnecessary antennas all over the east side of Carefree? How much radiation will I get from them? He has lost my vote.

To the person who wrote to Your View about the Mobi Tag on the front page of the Dec. 22 issue: Your sense of priorities is terribly out of whack. You talk about how cool the graphic is, the app you downloaded and then casually mention you can check for breaking news like the murder story published on Thursday. Hello!!! Anyone paying attention? There was a homicide in Cave Creek! Over a domestic dispute. How painful is that? What a tragedy.

Be sure to get a flu shot before the flu season is mostly over in a few weeks.

I’m afraid the socialist, nanny state mentality is being transmitted by – maybe the water? What is it people don’t get about the government (other people making decisions about our lives and paying for it with our money) doing things for us that we need to do for ourselves? Didn’t anyone study world history? How about economics? It doesn’t work. It really is just that simple.

According to the S&P/Case-Shiller price index, Phoenix area home prices fell 4.3 percent in the year ended October 2010. I hope Mayor Schwan doesn't push through a property tax after he is reelected in March in an almost-certain landslide victory by his GOB supporters. Carefree doesn't need a new town hall.

The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal, if allowed to go through, will put countless members of our military – at least the ones that don’t quit because of it – at risk. Men and women may die. And it is only the beginning.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has announced he has refused to pardon William "Billy the Kid" Bonney (c. 1859-1881) for his crimes. Will Carefree voters pardon Mayor David "property tax" Schwan for being a puppet of his GOB string-pullers?

I just checked the language of Carefree's sparkler ordinance 2010-08. It provides a fine of up to $750 and is categorized as a class three misdemeanor (up to 30 days in Sheriff Joe's lockup). I am happy to see that Mayor Schwan is tough on crime, especially if a kid dares to light up a sparkler on the fourth of July. I plan to drive around Carefree and report kids with lighted sparklers. One might burn down my house and puppy.

How much does the town of Carefree spend each year to burn its faux gas lights? Nobody is in the area after dark and it is just a waste of money.