Guest Editorial

mencken's ghostBY MENCKEN'S GHOST  |  JANUARY 5, 2011

Bet you a million these predictions come true

Below are my New Year’s predictions. I’ll bet you a million dollars that they come true. Want to take the bet?

Both Democrats and Republicans will continue looking for inspirational, charismatic and articulate political leaders to take them to the Promised Land, thus admitting that they are gullible and obedient followers without the gumption and intelligence to get there on their own and without the realization that they’ve been bamboozled all their lives by politicians. Keep Reading...

Guest Editorial


jon kylPork Bus

Taxpayers received a welcome surprise when Majority Leader Harry Reid shelved a massive spending bill in the waning days of Congress.

One of the basic functions of Congress is to produce annual funding bills that keep the government operating. These bills, known as appropriations bills, fund the respective sectors of the federal government – for example, one bill funds the Justice Department, another funds the Interior Department, and so on.

But for the second year in a row, the Democrat-led Congress failed to approve a budget or any appropriations bills. As a result, the government has operated under a temporary measure known as a “continuing resolution.” Keep Reading...