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DECEMBER 22, 2010

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I was disturbed to read Arthur Gimson's crude and rude remark regarding Sonoran News. Not only was it unnecessary, it shows that this "gentleman" lacks the polish to represent Carefree, or any town for that matter.

The DREAM Act failed. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell passed. The diversity cloak for gays and lesbians is not appropriate. Obama owes a debt to their community for their support during his campaign. The military doesn’t owe them for Obama’s campaign contributions. Our nation does not owe them for their support of his campaign. He does. He repaid a debt with great injury to the social fabric of our country. Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

Mail-in election ballots are not a good thing in my way of thinking. Going to the polls with your fellow residents creates a sense of solidarity and community. Everyone has the same amount of time to gather information about issues and ask questions of candidates. Now that even playing field is gone in Cave Creek with the 2011 election in March. The next thing you know, we will be able to get married without having to show up in person.

I was sorry to learn that Councilman Coady will not be running for Carefree Council again. He was the only one that was ever concerned with citizens; their rights and welfare. I guess he finally got tired of working with imbeciles.

Heaven forbid you need to pick up toilet paper at any one of the discount department stores or produce at your favorite grocery store. You can’t even move in the aisles. It takes longer to check out than to do your shopping. The only consolation is everyone seems to be in a fairly charitable mood.

I hope Sonoran News holds a Carefree forum so we can see what makes the candidates tick. I don’t recognize the names of about half the candidates but am hopeful we can finally get a council which isn’t beholden to a few good old boys.

It is Christmas and Jesus is the reason for the season. Happy Holidays is crap.

I must disagree with Linda Bentley's statement that Arthur Gimson has attended numerous council meetings. Two or three over the years, maybe. But, any more than that he must have gone in disguise.

With all of the ugliness surrounding NewPath and the inability to stop the towers, let’s just stop using our cell phones. They are undoubtedly causing brain cancer anyway. Did I just hear a collective gasp? Well, we used to have to get organized before we left the house or went to work or whatever. Seriously!

Read “Mexifornia,” by Victor Davis Hanson. Guaranteed to piss you off royally. We have already lost the war to the invader, but we don't want to recognize it for fear of being labeled racist. Two more generations and we will be in the minority as a result of the booming birth rate among the invaders. Just think, Zonies: they're just next door! Estamos jodidos. "We are screwed."

To the boob who suggested an annual "Mayor Huber Stevens They Are Just Citizens Award": Why do you feel compelled to put the Carefree Resort, which is an enormous support for our community, in the same paragraph (riddled with sarcasm) with Schwan, Miller and Huber? You need an attitude adjustment and a clear view of things as they exist.

One nation, under God … does anyone really care that we are being stripped of the things that make us who we are when God and the nativity scene and the Ten Commandments – even Santa – are no longer allowed in our town centers and court rooms and national memorials and schools?

Without a peep from Carefree town council, on top of a 20 percent rate increase in November 2006 Black Mountain Sewer Company (now Liberty Water) this year got another rate increase of 43 percent. The town's website points to "Black Mountain Sewer's Rate Increase" that turns out to be a 70-page download from the Arizona Corp. Commission. I don't find it surprising that perhaps all of the councilmen and possibly Mayor David "property tax" Schwan are set to be replaced in 2011 elections. Good riddance to Carefree's dopey politicians!

I’d like to hear opinions from our retail business owners in Cave Creek about the white tent blizzard happening many weekends. Does this hurt your business? Does this help your business? We need to protect our local businesses or there will be no reason for people to visit our great town!

Despite the underhanded efforts by the lame duck congress and our lame president the DREAM Act failed. There is life in this nation that cannot be stolen from us – even from within – by people who are here to serve us. Can’t wait until the new congress is seated. They better watch their “you know what’s!”

Regardless of the source, everyone who is spouting figures about Rural/Metro subscriptions is trying to put their own spin on them. The fact is Cave Creek can’t afford to pay for a town contract any more than Carefree can. Now is not the time. It will never be time. The only thing that makes less sense is town garbage service. We don’t want it. We don’t need it.

If you remember stringing cranberries and popcorn on thread to decorate your family Christmas tree, well, you’re old. Like me.