Guest Editorial

ward connerlyBY WARD CONNERLY  |  DECEMBER 15, 2010

A majority of voters supported Prop. 107; it's not racist

The City of Tucson's blatant 7 percent bid preferences are now over

The concept commonly known as "affirmative action" in America has a noble beginning.

Originated during one of the most tumultuous periods in American history - the "civil rights" era - affirmative action was launched in 1961 to usher in a policy of nondiscrimination.

By the mid-1960s, affirmative action had been transformed into a series of policies and programs whose purpose was to increase the number of "minorities" in the public workplace, in public contracting, and in public college enrollment. Keep Reading...

Guest Editorial

mencken's ghostBY MENCKEN'S GHOST  |  DECEMBER 15, 2010

American wimps, sissies, pantywaists, patsies, dupes, and sheep

You have to hand it to the European socialists.  They at least take to the streets when they feel that they’ve been shafted by their overlords.  That’s more than can be said about Americans.

If Americans were as tough as they think they are, they’d be holding tar-and-feathers parties instead of tea parties.  They’d be meting out public punishments and banishments to the hypocrites, plutocrats, crony capitalists, mercantilists, corporatists, cabalists, cartelists, rent-seekers, neo-conservatives, and neo-Marxists at the top of government and industry, especially the financial industry. Keep Reading...