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NOVEMBER 24, 2010

Your View
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A major cruise line recently had a ship drifting powerless at sea. On land Carefree appears to be having difficulty recruiting seven candidates to assume power on Carefree council as its town center continues to drift toward oblivion.

To the view writer, I was sorry to read the "Your View" criticism of Gary Neiss and the signs on Tom Darlington. We would not need the signs if people followed the law and stopped when residence are trying to cross and are in the cross walk. Like them or not, people are - for the most part- stopping when the yellow lights flash with the addition of the new "stop" low profile signs. Mothers with strollers, people trying to cross, pet owners trying to walk their pets like the new signs. What would you suggest, a series of crosses and monuments for each person killed ? Get a life and get over it. Bailey and Kelly are happy and thankful to Santa that we are safer crossing.

The USPS reported a fiscal year Sept. 30 loss of $8.5 billion, up from a loss of $3.8 billion in fiscal 2009. I wondered how a national monopoly could lose so much money and if post office bureaucracy and red tape was diminishing. So I checked the USPS Domestic Mail Manual ("mailing standards") on line and found the download size was almost 23MB which would have swamped my computer. Gee, why did mail volume fall 3.5 percent last year? If that decline rate continues for nine more years, volume will have dropped 30 percent and I estimate a postage stamp will cost about $15.25.

Congress, military chiefs, Federal Courts, and President Obama all have views on the DADT policy regarding gays in uniform. I say why not have all-gay Navy ships and Army divisions and let them frolic out of sight of straights.

Town of Carefree web site lists town administrator, administrative assistant, town clerk, asst. town clerk, building official, town planner, planning clerk, code enforcement (town marshal), public works superintendent plus three employees, court administrator, and deputy court clerk. How much cash is going to fund salaries, benefits, and retirement for these 14 employees in a town of less than 4000 residents? It looks like a property tax is on the way to pay for this huge staff.

Headline: "Scientists propose one-way trips to Mars." Any Carefree town council volunteers?

I propose to eliminate the eyesore sandwich signs along Cave Creek and Tom Darlington Roads advertising town center rubber tomahawk businesses. Simply block off all intersection traffic and divert it into Easy Street so drivers have to see what charm Easy Street offers.

I propose paying any new Carefree council member who has never served before beginning in 2011 a handsome salary, pension, and generous fringe benefits in order to attract a better quality of public official. Current GOB councilmen have nearly destroyed the town's finances.

This time of year is for enjoying the weather as well as the holidays here in Arizona. Instead, these "visitors" come here and spread their bad attitude and rudeness like a plague. I am beyond tired of dealing with these inconsiderate and obnoxious people. What makes them think that anyone owes them anything? They treat the local people like trash when were the ones supporting the local businesses and paying taxes year round. They have no manners and drive like imbeciles. What's the deal? They come here on vacation and this is how they act? Ungrateful and disrespectful? Shame on them. What is even more sad is the fact that these people are from all over and their behavior reflects the breakdown of social values. Does anyone know (or care) what values are anymore? Anyhow, these people should do everyone a favor and change their ways or stay home!

The USPS will appeal a Postal Rate Commission ruling denying its request for a 5.6 percent rate increase. The Postal Service said commission members "misread the statute and applied an incorrect standard." That's good enough for me. I say raise the rates as soon as possible so my cousin in the postal union can still work overtime.

New York City has a goal of 3000 cameras to monitor city activity. I propose a Carefree town center camera to watch for any sign of activity after 6 p.m.

As a family, we already have quit patronizing the establishment that keeps a sign on the road. They indeed have a 'face' on Cave Creek Road. If future signs proliferate, we will treat their owners in the same way. I hope that those of us who are finally getting some relief from the election mess will respond by letting business owners know that visual blight ruins our appetites and closes our purse strings. Consider what the space would look like if all of the dozens of businesses took to leaving road signs about. Voice your concerns.

Former Carefree Mayor Huber Stevens recently attended the reorganizational meeting of the LD 7 Republican committee. His name was not on the official ballot for state committeemen and nobody nominated him from the floor as a write-in candidate. So he received no votes. Some politicians don't know when it's time to retire.

Carefree Town Administrator and unelected eighth Councilman Neiss was active in offering ideas about advertising signs along Tom Darlington and Cave Creek Roads to clueless council members at the November 16 special council meeting. The town council should move his web site listing from "town staff" to "mayor and council" and figure out some way to allow him to vote.