Becky Fenger Fenger PointingNOVEMBER 24, 2010

Turkeys of the Year

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Tomorrow is the big day of thanks, and I'm certainly going to do so in spades. But that doesn't mean that today I can't point out some of the biggest Turkeys of the Year.

ObamaCare: Officially known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) – the misnomer of all misnomers--- this turkey is stuffed with so many rotten pellets it needs to be axed for its own good. Not only will it necessarily lead to rationing, but even its supporters are being forced to admit health care costs will soar under this monster. If watching the poor slobs in England pulling their own teeth and dying while waiting for appointments isn't enough, then listen to the Canadians with a similar system wail about where they are going to get their health care if we follow them down the path to socialized medicine.

David Mitchell, Arizona State Director of AARP: This was too rich. Recently he appeared on KAET-TV's "Horizon" show to complain about his American Association of Retired Persons who are on Medicare not being able to find doctors to treat them. HELLO! Where has he been? When his organization was pitifully willing to go along with the passage of ObamaCare, he didn't think through to the consequences of his support. Surveys have shown that over 40 percent of doctors threatened to retire early if this foul fowl were enacted and cuts were made to doctors' reimbursements, but your leadership supported the President. Physicians' pay is slated to be chopped by 23 percent, but has been delayed for a month due to the caterwauling. That ought to keep the medical doctors on board, don't you think?

Andy Griffith: It pains me that the same man who brought joy to a generation with his Mayberry antics could cut such a disgusting TV Medicare ad touting the benefits and wonders of ObamaCare. It's a smarmy load of giblets designed to make the oldsters swoon but instead has anyone with even a cranberry-sized brain passing out.

Bloated Officials of Bell, California: Former Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo and Mayor Oscar Hernandez were arrested with six other officials for scamming the citizens of their town where 1 in 6 residents lives in poverty. Rizzo made nearly $800,000 a year. Former assistant city manager Angela Spaccia was making $376,288 a year, and 4 of the 5 city councilmen were paying themselves nearly $100,000 a year. That is not chicken feed. But Phoenix, Arizona, can glom onto the goodies, too. The current average annual cost to the taxpayers for all 15,000 Phoenix city employees (fully compensated with benefits) is over $100,000!

Arizona's Six Public Pension Systems: These butterball turkeys need to lose a lot of weight or collapse like wet hens into the soup.

The Ghost of Rachel Carson: The author of the book Silent Spring, which eventually led to the ill-advised banning of DDT. This chemical, safe for humans and the environment, has saved more lives than any other known to man. Yet malaria sickens and kills millions of children and adults a year due to restrictions on its use, primarily stemming from the Stockholm Convention. Indoor spraying of DDT inside houses in Africa and elsewhere would eliminate the disease as it has in the United States, but the eco-freaks have thinned the manufacturers of DDT down to a single factory. Supplies could peter out. Lives will be needlessly lost. What a waste.