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greg farleyBY GREG FARLEY  |  NOVEMBER 17, 2010

Unchecked voting:  the plundering of America

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The recent 9th District court's overturning of Arizona's Prop 200 voting registration provisions is a six-year setback.  Although it became state law in 2004 with 57 percent of voters (including 47 percent of Hispanics), Arizona resident Sandra Day O'Connor along with another judge have ruled it invalid.

The passing of Prop 200 was a long, tiresome effort by volunteers, who were standing on the shoulders of Russell Pearce, Kathy McKee, Rusty Childress, and Randy Graf who offered great personal sacrifice as the founders of Protect Arizona Now.

What are the consequences of invalidating Arizona's requirement of citizenship proof to register to vote?

In mid 2004, I was visiting a friend in west Phoenix, whose neighborhood was heavy Hispanic. Suddenly, the neighborhood was overrun with Hispanic political groups going door to door to register "new" voters. As they exited each house, they arbitrarily slapped a "NO ON PROP 200" placard on each porch front.

The next day, my friend spoke with one of his Hispanic neighbors about what had transpired the day before. The neighbor told him that these voting recruiters had filled out the paper work for him, had him sign it and also a request for an "early ballot." They then instructed him to hold the ballot after he received it in the mail, and they would return to help him complete it.

As if the gun just fired in a relay race, political Hispanic groups are running amok to register every illegal alien in Arizona.  Now the Arizona Secretary of State's office must accept a registrant's word that they are a "citizen of the U.S." under the threat of an unlikely and nuisance-type penalty for lying. This will deter people who are already criminals in the eyes of the law with nothing to lose?

In the years since Prop 200, Arizona has progressively built a host of new laws to protect itself from the invasion from Mexico. Proposition 200 was the cornerstone on which future laws were enacted including the human smuggling law and SB 1070.  Arizona's arch enemy in its fight is the Federal government.

Through both a Republican and Democratic administration, we have witnessed the derailing of enforcement, pandering to the Hispanic race, and an ongoing effort to deflate all immigration laws by passing amnesty. In that same time frame, we have witnessed Mexico becoming an absolute nightmare of murder, mayhem, and lawlessness. Through two seemingly opposite administrations our borders are as porous as they have ever been with the government serving up double talk and lip service.

Currently, the Obama administration is dismantling years of effort by law enforcement to delouse the country of illegal invaders by wholesale dismissal of those cases awaiting deportation.

As most Americans that have been involved in this fight a long time will attest, the sentiment against the invasion has grown by leaps and bounds. But the numbers in America fighting every step for the invasion are still dangerous in size, position, and power.

In this age of speed-oriented devices and "I want it now" lifestyle, too many Americans have lost the ability to look forward into the future.  Radical Hispanics groups, who now have became mainstream, are touting the takeover of the U.S. with two weapons of choice: demographics and the vote. O'Connor's treasonous interpretation of Arizona's voting law has greased the rails for the rapid advancement of such an agenda.

In that Arizona's first move to defend itself was to protect voting, the wisdom of that design is evident more today than ever.  As trail blazing as the state has been, it, nor any power known to man can compel Washington to enforce laws, nor their sworn duty to protect the nation's borders. Accepting that the invasion from Mexico would continue, the most precious right American's have had to be protected first and foremost.

At this moment in time, Mexico has gained political control of  California and now, the remaining border states where their impoverished invading citizens have congregated.  The issue of voting requirements and Arizona's right to enact them now become a ticking time bomb. The court's decision will apply to every state, and radical Hispanic groups can deny knowledge of registering illegal aliens to vote. If the registrants "word" is good enough for the government, it's good enough for La Raza.

While the circuit court's ruling leaves the I.D. requirement at polling places, those wishing to circumvent that block will simply request an >early mail-in ballot. This works in harmony with radical Hispanic groups who want to control the ballot completion themselves.
Since Arizona Proposition 200 passed in 2004, illegal alien communities in Phoenix have spread in a fashion that can be measured in miles.

There has been much publicizing of the invader exodus in Arizona. But with the teeth of SB 1070 on hold, and now an open invitation to non-citizen voter fraud, radical Hispanic groups will burn the midnight oil to perpetuate a new surge in the invasion. This will be yet another way for the Obama administration to reverse what progress has been achieved.

If this suicidal decision by O'Connor and company is not overturned soon, the impact will be felt across this country in the 2012 general election. Obama is telling Hispanics to stick with the Democratic Party and they will get their amnesty, and also encouraged them to fight their "enemies," a veiled reference to conservatives.

The president's race baiting just got the shot of adrenalin it needed. With illegals voting unchecked in 50 states, amnesty and Obama's reelection are assured.