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NOVEMBER 10, 2010

Your View

How many signs will Carefree and Gary Neiss erect warning us of the cross-walks and state law. Congratulations the Town of Carefree is now the gaudy street sign capital of AZ. Our Sonoran appeal is masked behind a barrage of signs in yellow, red and the wonderful florescence green so familiar with the dowdy areas in North Phoenix. Hopefully enough people will complain.

The Cave Creek Bicycle Festival is about to happen. It’s huge! There are already 300 riders registered and by the time of the race on Saturday next week, there will no doubt be 400 or more. This is amazing!!! The better this event is sponsored and attended, the better our chances of paying for the newly acquired open space land!

I understand management of Carefree Resort & Conference Center is concerned about Mayor David "property tax," Schwan's adamant refusal to sign either of the two sheets for the initiatives providing safeguards against a town property tax. How can the mayor consider running for office in March 2011 given his position on a property tax?

Although I truly don’t think Obama got the election message I do think he will eventually figure out he’s in deep do-do. His very young daughters, if left to figure it out for themselves, will see it clearly. Their dad is too much of an ideologue to get past it.

The home Internet web page of the Town of Carefree features a photo of a pile of large rocks. The picture could not be more fitting about town residents' mentality.

The election answered most of my prayers. But it was sad to see Harry Reid survive the challenge by Sharon Angle. Also it was sad to see Meg Whitman and Carla Fiorini lose in California. But losers like speaker (small s) Nancy Pelosi make tingles run up my leg – what joy! I know you are sorry to see Nancy Barto and Heather Carter win and so am I, but we have two years to plot their dismissal. Nice to think about. Oh, and you are right about John McCain; he will vote for amnesty and we can’t do a darned thing about it.

I read that yet another Carefree (food-oriented) town center business is scheduled to close at the end of the month. Will the last person to leave the town please remember to turn off the electrified gaslights.

I wish Tom Tancredo was as effective as a campaigner as he is a patriot. If that was true, he’d be in office in Colorado right now.

The Carefree folks administering the town's Christmas activities want to wait 90 minutes after all other events have concluded that evening before shooting off fireworks. By that time everyone will have gone home so it may be a rare fireworks display not seen by any spectators.

Wild West Days appears to have grown up. Wow! A parade! Pig Races! And the famous Bath Tub Races are back after years of missing them! The weekend isn’t even here yet and I can’t wait. Thanks to the Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce for a re-energized effort this year!

Carefree council keeps trying to breathe life into the town center corpse. After spending well over $60,000 on four totally ineffective directional signs, council is considering allowing gaudy 24-hour (a business woman said, "I don't want one of my employees on the street at 1 a.m.") signs along the Tom Darlington and Cave Creek Road rights of way.

The elections are finally over. Yeah! I am so sick of the political signs every-where. Wind and rain came and knocked them down. Opponents came and knocked them down. If they don’t remove the rest I am tempted to drive around and knock the rest down just for my own peace of mind.

If you voted, you have a right to complain (if you really think it will improve our situation). If you didn’t vote, we don’t want to hear what you have to say now.

At the November Carefree council meeting Mayor David "property tax" Schwan repeatedly urged councilmen (Ms. Vanik was absent) to instruct staff how to proceed with respect to A-frame sign displays outside their shops. And I thought staff existed to present proposals to council about what could be done. Silly me!

Are we to swallow the fact Pelosi is going to run for the minority seat? Really? Why? She talked with her family, her friends, her colleagues and prayed. If she is moving forward with her political career, she is either deaf or not listening.

Congratulations to Senator Russell Pearce. He deserves recognition and honor by his peers and constituents. He is a true patriot for America and Arizona. If he lived in another state, we would be bereft, but any state in the union would be proud and lucky to have him. We are gleeful it’s us!!

Can we hope the voters have sent a serious enough message that Janet Napolitano will resign? No, probably not. She is, based on experience, likely to continue to irritate us beyond endurance, as usual.

Sometimes it is good to be away from your work and obligations. And then there are times when an idea stinks. The challenge is to know when you are golden and when you are being stupid.