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NOVEMBER 10, 2010

Election postmortem • Wild West Days

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Predictions of a Republican Revolution were pretty much validated in the Nov. 2 election. In Congress, House of Representatives Republicans gained control with 239 seats while Democrats have 188. In the Senate although Republicans gained six seats the latest count is 47 for Republicans and 53 for Democrats. However, Democrats lost a filibuster proof Senate. Harry Reid, sadly, kept his job as the Senate leader.

canfield cartoon
Obama’s speech was mildly contrite, and it seems he doesn’t get the election was a referendum on his policies and him, maybe even his free spending (using tax payers’ money) wife. But make no mistake, Obama knew exactly what he was doing and with billionaire George Soros sitting on his shoulder he was doing the best he could to deliver a socialist United States of America.

The Arizona legislative group has their work cut out for them. Even though Obama pleads for bipartisan solutions, it would be a Faustian deal with him and, hopefully, Republicans will opt for gridlock except for aggressive attempts to repeal Obamacare, extending the Bush tax cuts and serious budget cutting.

Part of the house takeover was Harry Mitchell’s loss to Schweikert, reclaiming J.D. Hayworth’s old seat which was lost to Mitchell. John McCain beat Hayworth saving his Senate seat after spending over $20 million. McCain bears close watching by constituents to restrain his straying from his new-found conservative principles.

Governor Jane Brewer’s win was no surprise and I hope, as some have suggested, this is the end of Terry Goddard’s political career. He is a perfect example of an empty suit and Republicans like Jim Waring and Nancy Barto fit the phrase too.

Speaking of Nancy Barto, she won a Senate seat after collecting $70 thousand from the health industry and unions. Sonoran News plans to send past articles of her stealth and the damage she has caused in Arizona to the Arizona legislature.

Heather Carter, after collecting $20 million from the AEA teacher’s union carpet bombed the area with her signs bragging of the affiliations of her financing. Her signs remain a week after the election. Expect no more from her but a single subject application of what she perceives to be charm. As Eddie Basha used to say over and over, “I am the education candidate.” She is an echo chamber of him. Think she wouldn’t try to pass legislation to pick your pocket even more? She would in a heart beat and David Burnell Smith who was also elected will help stop her as a devoted conservative.

Patriot and SB 1070 author Senator Russell Pearce won another term handily in the Senate and has since been voted Senate President. He is rapidly building his cabinet of conservatives. He faces a daunting budget task, the biggest of which is to cut and slash the fat education budget, which consumes half the current budget yet the result doesn’t match the spending. We are not graduating educated students.

Pearce also has his eye on the 14th Amendment which is what is currently interpreted as authorizing “anchor babies.” If he gets it passed it will surely be litigated and we wish him well in those efforts.

Ballots are still being counted. Some candidate appointments and propositions remain undecided.

Tom Horne leads Felecia Rotellini but the count continues. The blood letting between Horne and Andy Thomas in the primary cost him votes without a doubt. The same happened in the 10 candidate showdown for John Shaddeg’s seat. Thankfully Sonoran News endorsed Ben Quayle beat Democrat John Hulburd but Quayle was savaged by Hulburd who used the same charges thrown at Quayle by nine Republican challengers.

Propositions are a mixed bag and two are still close enough to continue counting.

Proposition 110, State Trust Lands is very close. We called it a NO suggesting the issue needed more study and analysis. We still think so and will report the final vote.

The Proposition 112 initiative was worded deceptively and I received more calls and e-mails about it than all the others combined. I said, “NO, initiatives need more time to gather signatures, not less, and this subtracts two months. In other words initiatives must be turned in 6 months prior rather than four months before an election and so there are two months less to gather signatures.

Proposition 203 gives marijuana legal status in Arizona and has little to do with health. California’s experience should show us the pitfalls. And it doesn’t change the fact marijuana use is illegal under federal statute. Once again it is still in a dead heat and we’ll let you know.

Sorry to see NRA pushed Proposition 109 Hunting and Fishing lose. The proposition protected hunting and fishing from the enviro wackos of the world. Sad.

We lost on Proposition 302 that would have liberated tobacco tax to the general fund rather than feeding the community sports system, 0-5 education and health care. No doubt voters were persuaded by, “but it is for the kids,” which is nonsense.

Wild West Days
Plaudits to the Wild West Days committee, Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce, numerous volunteers, Town of Cave Creek, MCSO and Town Marshal Adam Stein, businesses up and down the street and countless others. The town was bursting at the seams with people seemingly from everywhere. The events were fun with plenty of audience. A weekend of this magnitude really puts Cave Creek on the map and the exposure for our town core is invaluable. From the all-equestrian parade (except for the clueless cyclists) to Mutton Bustin’ (one of many events at the arena) to Pig Races (with pumpkin seed spitting contests thrown in just for fun), Bath Tub Races, Cowboy Church and The Walk For 100, there was something for everyone all along the road all weekend long. Excellent planning and to the visitors we encountered, a flawless execution. KUDOS!!