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NOVEMBER 3, 2010

Your View

I just picked up my sample Nov. 2 ballot and checked Carefree Prop. 407. What a swindle! The language reads as if the sponsors are in favor of direct election of the mayor rather than trying to undo what was just passed last year.

Continuing to scrounge every dime it can in the quest to become Scottsdale Northwest, Cave Creek has signed a deal with Cox Cable that will give the town 5 percent of the licensee's gross revenue. My cute set-top TV antenna pulls in HDTV signals just fine plus I have $12.95 Internet dial-up so call me frugal and count me out.

The Arizona school system has shrunk due to the departure of many illegals and their many children. School enrollments will shrink even more, reducing the need for teachers, supplies, transportation and all other aspects of education. Don’t ask the teachers’ union members what they think. That bunch of bleeding heart liberals will just whine about the children … they’d run the state totally dry rather than lend a hand to help Mexico do a better job of educating their own. Duh…

A Rose By Any Other Name
Two middle-aged couples were enjoying friendly conversation when one of the men asked the other, "Fred, how was the memory clinic you went to last month?"
"Outstanding," Fred replied. "They taught us all the latest psychological techniques, like visualization, association, and so on. It was great. I haven't had a problem since."
"Sounds like something I could use. What was the name of the clinic?"
Fred went blank. He thought and thought, but couldn't remember.
Then a smile broke across his face and he asked, "What do you call that flower with the long stem and thorns?"
"You mean a rose?"
"Yes, that's it!"
He turned to his wife, "Hey Rose, what was the name of that memory clinic?"

I saw this online and immediately thought of Carefree Mayor Schwan and Vice Mayor Glenn Miller who can’t remember what went on in their “secret” meeting with three ex-council members and one of their GOB directed council friends.

Thank you, thank you Don for your voting choices. I am 59 and have never missed voting but without help, I wouldn’t have made it. Fortunately, you and I sing from the same song sheet and I agreed with your recommendations 100 percent. Hope we win.

I was wondering why the town of Cave Creek put in the fire hydrants down Cave Creek Road so close to the road. To me they look like an accident waiting to happen. If you go south toward Phoenix the hydrants are set back some, even on a curve. You may have to pull over and how can you?

I heard via the grapevine that Schwan pulled a Mayor’s packet. He can’t honestly think he’s going to be elected by the general populace. Only the good old boy (and girl) network would retain such a person in office of mayor.

I am both saddened and angered by dogs riding in the back of a pickup truck. If you don’t think enough of you dog to let them ride inside, you shouldn’t be allowed to have one. If I ever see a dog hurt because of this stupid act I will see they never do it again. There oughta be a law.

I can’t wait for Wild West Days – not! What it means to me is a glutted road and a traffic menace. If I wanted that kind of entertainment I would go there. I don’t need it in my backyard.

Ed note: Maybe you should move.

Hurrah! The elections are over. By and large the results are answers to my payers. Now get rid of Obama!!!!

The exodus from Arizona to other states and back to Mexico by thousands of illegal aliens proves SB 1070’s effectiveness despite the fact it was largely gutted before it took effect. Now, if we could get the illegal aliens out of the jails and send them to Mexican jails, we could save the state tons of money.

What geniuses in Cave Creek and Carefree planned for Wild West Days and the Thunderbird Artists on the same weekend? Isn’t that too much of two good things? And it is not very friendly either.

The last time I visited Cave Creek was in 2001. My business kept us tied to a Midwest home and we didn’t leave Indiana in all that time. I reluctantly retired in view of the bad economic environment but I was just too tired to continue. Now we are seeking a low cost home in this lovely community and we soon hope to be Creekers.

What a deal, in order to ride a horse in the Wild West Days parade you have to sign a form and pay $35. The parade is entertainment for the townspeople and visitors, and it helps make money for the local businesses. They should pay us to clean our horses, saddle them up, and ride into town to entertain everyone. Because of this you won't see me and my friends riding there.

Does the Carefree Business Association really think they can accomplish anything with $12,000? Most Carefree merchants are not in a position to supplement the $12,000 out of their pockets, which is the only way to make sense of spending even $1. Whose idea was this?