Passionate about politics

As a supporter of Ben Quayle, I feel compelled to write a letter to your paper.

I have always been passionate about politics, but over the years, there have only been a few candidates that I have truly been excited to support. Ben Quayle is one of them.
During a crowded ten person race in the Primary, he was one of the few I didn't know as much about. That prompted me to go down to his Headquarters and learn more. His staff was warm and welcoming, and I lucked out to find him there. After meeting him, I knew he was the right candidate to represent CD-3.

Ben Quayle has many qualities which I feel makes him the best candidate to represent the people of CD-3. He's extremely bright, articulate, and knowledgeable on all the issues; plus he as private sector/small business experience which I find refreshing, as I'm a small business owner myself. He's accessible to anyone who would like to talk to him, and brings not only great intelligence to the table, but warmth and friendliness as well.

I guarantee anyone who meets Ben will feel as I do. I'm proud to support him, and can't wait to see what he achieves when he goes to Washington D.C.!

Amanda Wilson | E-mail


In contrast

Ben Quayle is no doubt CD3’s front runner to lead the massive reform needed in Washington. As the Chairman of Republican Legislative District 7, I am proud to endorse and support a man of exceptional maturity and reason, to lead the great state of Arizona and our nation. Mr. Quayle’s opponent, John Hulburd, has yet to fully engage himself in real world experience which is further evidenced in a recent mailer. Mr. Hulburd’s latest claim states, “Jon won’t lead the Democratic way, He won’t lead the Republican way. He will lead the Arizona way.” Cleaver as it may sound, in reality it is quite telling of Mr. Hulburd’s political naiveté and lack of direction. In stark contrast, Mr. Quayle takes a definitive, unwavering stand on each and every issue, further proving Ben Quayle understands the needs of Arizonan’s and all Americans.

Mr. Quayle clearly separates himself as a leader. He is a graduate of Duke and Vanderbilt Law, passed the Bar on the first round in AZ, CA and NY, practiced law in the Financial Securities and M&A fields, applied his successful entrepreneurial skills to create a small investment firm and is a partner in a security guard company, APG. Mr. Quayle understands what America needs most – jobs for Americans, a safe and secure border, an unwavering national security policy, limited government and a massive reduction in our nation’s spending practices.

Americans are tired of “change” and are ready for old fashioned reform. Less than two weeks from now your vote decides whether government deficits continue to explode, whether government controlled healthcare is allowed and whether rampant disregard of your freedoms is tolerated. Ben Quayle is the leader to believe in.

West Kenyon, Chairman | Republican Legislative District 7, AZ



I didn’t go to Harvard, but:

I know when a person attends a church that has a minister who’s a racist and continually attacks this country … but claims he never heard these attacks … that person is lying.
I know that a person who claims to be a Christian but has all symbols of Christianity covered up … that person is lying.

I know that when a person has surrounded himself throughout his life with socialists, Marxists and communists, he needs to be judged by the company he keeps.

I know when a person claims to be a natural born American citizen, but refuses to provide any documentation … he’s hiding something!

I know that when a person refuses to release and/or provide any information regarding his schooling … and the source of funds for said education … something is very wrong or it’s a sign of deception.

I know that when a person refuses to provide documentation of how he was able to travel to a country that was banned for travel by the U.S. Government, there’s something being hidden.

I know that when an administration tells me what a great program they are creating for me, but they are exempt from personal participation … said program is inferior.

I know that when a nation has only 21 percent of its population identifying themselves as liberal and the remaining 79 percent are in disagreement of certain legislation that is being pushed through, we have a government that is not representative of the people.

I know that when an administration earmarks money for a criminal enterprise such as ACORN ... that administration also reeks of criminal activity.

I know that when an administration is open to using a criminal enterprise such as ACORN to participate in a U.S. Census, they are up to no good.

I know that when you have an administration that supports the union’s desire to have NO SECRET Ballots in its organizing efforts, we have an administration that has NO RESPECT for our constitution.

I know that when you have an administration that is trying to ruin the best healthcare system in the world, that administration is blatantly trying to buy votes of minority groups at the expense of the majority.

I know that when we have a president who tells the world we are NOT a Christian nation, we have a president who knows nothing of America.

I know that when we have a president who tells the world we are a nation with a large Muslim population … at the very least … he is uninformed ... and at the most … he is distorting the truth.

I know that when you see a president bow down to a foreign sovereign, we have a man in the Oval Office who disrespects the people he represents.

I know that when you have a president that tells you that pending legislation does not contain specific items when indeed it does, we have a man in the Oval Office who thinks it is acceptable to lie to the U.S. citizens.

I know that when you have a president who never speaks in specifics, you can be assured he is not concerned about the wants and needs of the American people.

I know that when a president and his administration are pushing through legislation ... it is NOT going to be in the best interests of or acceptable to freedom loving Americans.

I know that when you have a president that has made disparaging remarks about Americans with “guns and bibles” we don’t have man in the Oval Office who is respectful of Americans.

I know that a president who immediately comes to the defense of his friend and political ally and attacks an entire police department without knowing ANY facts ... a question of racism in the Oval Office arises.

I know that when we have a president who attacks those who have differing views from his own, we have a president who is intolerant.

I guess I have to agree with William F. Buckley when he wrote, I'd rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard.

Tom Carbone | Phoenix


Carefree electors put initiatives on ballot

Kudos to the hundreds of Carefree electors who recently signed two initiative petitions to safeguard residents against a property tax levied by as few as four town council members. The first initiative provides that five council member votes will be necessary to enact a property tax. Even if the council passes a property tax, the related second initiative requires an affirmative vote by the public to allow a property tax.

After the signature sheets are processed by the town clerk and Maricopa County Elections Dept., the two initiatives will appear on the March 8, 2011 mail-in ballot as part of the town’s primary election. I am confident voters will overwhelmingly approve the measures to become part of the Carefree Town Code and act as a restraint on council spending.

Jim Peirce | Carefree


The race is on

It seems strange in this post racial world of the current administration that I find myself a racist at every turn. I support our police, yet Phoenix city councilmen accuse the police of racism. I support the rule of law, but inside the beltway black lawmakers hear racial epithets not thrown by law abiding Tea Party protesters. My support is with SB-1070 sealing the screen door that is our international border and am told that it will only lead to racial profiling. Sitting U.S. Congresspersons are brought up on charges of malfeasance and accusations of racial motivation are shouted before the evidence can be reviewed. Thugs stationed outside polling places, inhibiting voters from exercising their constitutional franchise, are deemed legal by the administration. It would seem that any disagreement with the policies or agenda of our President will be branded racist.
Guess I'll go check my Mexican-American brother-in-laws papers.

Randy Edwards | Cave Creek


Honest councilperson who serves the citizens

Bob Littlefield has always been steadfast in protecting Scottsdale neighborhoods and small businesses. Bob consistently pushes for open government, financial accountability for the citizens’ right to know how the city is spending our tax dollars. I liked his direct straight talk and asking the heard questions.

If you want an honest councilperson who serves the citizens of Scottsdale, Bob Littlefield is that person. Let’s keep straight talk and the financial watchdog on Scottsdale’s city council.

D.M. Amber | Scottsdale


Please make breast cancer a priority

Every day, 567 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. As Election Day draws closer, it is imperative that those we send to Congress express their commitment for discovering the cures for breast cancer AND that candidates commit themselves to fighting for the rights of breast cancer patients and survivors everywhere.

While we've made great strides in the past year, the fact remains that too many women are unable to access life-saving cancer screenings and we continue to lose too many of our loved ones to this horrible disease. Thanks.

Mrs. Georgia Benyk | New River


Clear on where he stands

Why don't you print more positive, feel good stories? We the public are partly to blame as disaster, gossip, and other bad news sells. I bring this up especially given that across the nation the elections are under 2 weeks away and the ads and smearing between candidates has never been higher. People are tired of hearing about what mistakes a candidate may or may not have made. Instead they want to hear about what a candidate is going to do if elected.

I support Ben Quayle for Congress because he is clear on where he stands on issues like Healthcare Reform, Card Check, Cap & Trade, Immigration and Tax Policy. Additionally, for someone who is only 33 years old he has accomplished quite a bit. He graduated from Duke University and then Vanderbilt Law School and passed the bar on his first try in AZ, CA, and NY (the latter two being regarded as two of the toughest in the country). If that's not enough for someone who is supposedly too young to represent district 3, he started a small business with his older brother. This shows to me a man who takes initiative and is an extremely hard worker. He comes from a wonderful, well grounded family all of whom call Arizona their home. Ben is exactly the person we need in Washington to lead present and future generations and get America back on the right path. People are interested in where a candidate stands on issues. Since the day Ben announced his candidacy for Congress he has been crystal clear about the most important topics facing Arizona and our country.
Thanks very much for your time.

William Walp French | Phoenix


News bias

Regarding the letter to the editor, "Newpaper should change its name": I am rather tired of hearing the plaint that news outlets are, for the most part, liberal. Mr Short claims that the name of the "Arizona Republic" should be changed to "The Arizona Liberal Democrat". When one reflects on the endorsements for major elections in the last two years, the Republic has endorsed McCain, Brewer and Quayle, to name a few.

This is less biased than any Fox News or Sonoran News would ever be. They are examples of "news" sources that are so biased and lock-stepped with the right wing agenda, that when they complain about the liberal press, the only word that comes to mind is "hypocrite". There certainly are publications that lean right or left, but the reader cannot predict what candidate or which side of an issue the Arizona Republic will endorse.

T. J. Walters | Scottsdale


The state of Cain in the modern world

It is not just wishful thinking that states can do without the death penalty. Generally, states that do not have capital punishment have lower homicide rates than states that have capital punishment.

People of New Testament times need to consider what Jesus did when asked about the legality of divorce. Jesus was aware of His present time and of what the law stated, but He referenced a time before the law was ever given to reveal what God's intentions were/are for humanity (Mt. 19:3-8).

For the sake of our Protestant brethren in Arizona, I promise not to bring up the whole Henry VIII affair, but the example of what Jesus did regarding divorce is also valid for capital punishment. We only need to go back and to examine what God did about the very first homicide.

After Cain killed Abel, God put a seal on Cain so that no human being would presume to execute him (Gen. 4:15). Execution is God's domain – not mans.

This is the ideal of what God intended/intends for humanity even for today. Cain became a wanderer, but society today can not have killers on the loose. This is why we have jails. Incarceration is enough.

The law of love leads one to choose life instead of death.

Until the saints come marching in, and I am not just referring to the ones in New Orleans, we all have work to do. Arizona, please pray the little prayer at every day, and please call a moratorium for all capital cases.

"Society will never learn to respect human life when the state hypocritically kills those who have killed." "The violence of capital punishment only begets more violence."

Let the Arizonan without sin be the first to put the lethal needle in!

Matthew R. Dunnigan | Roma, Italia

To Scottsdale Voices

Many of us are not happy with everything Lane does either but you are missing far more dastardly actions in the city by not looking into the failed and inept legal department under Washburn, Richert and his play to double or triple density in the north including the inclusion of unwanted commercial areas using an unqualified Connie Padian as his tool, Richert's attempts to add an overlay to the north that will invalidate all the current protections for the preserve based on approved plant, shrub, and tree lists, and many other issues both north and south which are far more important than Lane and are being done under the table without public hearings or input.

You might also want to check with Henry Becker to see how he's handling the changes Richert is pushing through. Could Henry be waiting patiently for the city to vote to approve Richert's plans, then drop a HUGE lawsuit against the city for malfeasance and discrimination?

Lane could well be gone in two years where Richert and his stooges will be there until he and they destroy the city as we know it. You need to open your eyes and ears instead of having tunnel vision when it comes to Lane. The picture of destruction is far larger and you are failing to take it all into consideration.

You might want to comment on the flagrant error on the part of Milhaven, Ecton and Robbins for accepting almost $29,000 each from S/W Ambulance which is an obvious ploy to get the contract away from PMT.

Open your eyes and ears folks, your tunnel vision is obvious and you're missing all the big stuff which is far more important to the city and taxpayers. You might want to readdress your sights as to who's doing what to the city.

Then again, maybe your entire impetus is to attack Lane not giving a damn what's happening to our city. Think about that for a few minutes, if you dare or care.

George Knowlton | Scottsdale

10 Reasons Jon Hulburd is wrong for Arizona

10. Hulburd is out-of-touch. Hulburd supports Obamacare; Ben Quayle would fight to defund it. The Arizona Republic reported that, “Quayle is an unequivocal “no” to the Obama health-care plan, prepared to defund its key provisions. Hulburd won’t say how he would have voted on the bill had he been in Congress.” In an answer to the Republic’s candidate questionnaire, Hulburd admitted that he won’t work to repeal Obamacare: “I don’t want to waste another year and a half listening to partisan bickering over repeal.” Source:

9. Hulburd is a fraud – literally. Hulburd was sued for both business fraud and defamation of character – charges he refuses to answer questions about.
Hulburd’s Moral Compass

8. Hulburd is a hypocrite. He wants to increase taxes and regulations on Arizona families and businesses to encourage a “sustainable lifestyle.” But none of Hulburd’s three sprawling mansions have solar panels. In a recent article in the Yellow Sheets said a GOP source: “I’m all for people having big houses. But I don’t see any solar panels on the roof of either of these lavish homes. Could he reduce his carbon footprint by getting a smaller place?”

7. Hulburd is dishonest and evasive. It’s no wonder the Arizona Republic found that “Jon Hulburd’s positions on key issues such as health care and immigration are a mystery. Republican Ben Quayle, speaking passionately and articulately on issues, leaves no question where he stands.” Ben Quayle offers candor, conviction.

6. Hulburd is a big-spender and wants to continue bankrupting America. He’s said he’ll indulge in earmarks and play this game of legalized bribery and political corruption if elected. In an Arizona Republic questionnaire Hulburd stated, “my earmark requests will be transparent.” When our country is facing mounting deficits, voters don’t need another liberal lap dog pouring billions of dollars into pork barrel spending projects. Source:

5. Hulburd sides with union bosses in Washington over workers in Arizona. Hulburd wants to take away the fundamental right to a secret ballot in workplace organizing elections. Hulburd gladly accepted $5,000 from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which is boycotting Arizona over SB 1070. He is also endorsed by AFL-CIO, a group that opposes secret ballots. In an interview with Jay Lawrence, Hulburd stated, “I do support the Employee Free Choice Act (Card Check) and that is an example, where you’re absolutely correct, where a large group of Democrats support that for the most part and Republicans are all against it.”

4. Hulburd doesn’t even know why we should vote for him. In a Freudian slip, he admitted during the KAET Channel 8 debate that he’s not sure if he’s qualified to be in Congress. “To be honest, I’m not sure I am,” he said when asked why he’s qualified. In another interview on KJZZ, Hulburd said, “yeah it’s tough enough running for this spot, then actually getting it would be in some ways even worse.”

3. Hulburd has already put his loyalty to extremist groups before what’s right for Arizona. He’s funded and supported by the same groups that called for a national boycott of Arizona after we passed our new immigration law.
FEC Report
SEIU Boycott
AFL-CIO Endorsement of Hulburd

2. Hulburd is a Pelosi puppet. He is endorsed and funded by Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi has personally donated to Hulburd’s campaign in an attempt to select Arizona’s next congressman. The Arizona Republic stated, “Hulburd, 50, even took $4,000 in campaign contributions from Pelosi which is curious when you consider that he’s loaded, thanks to marrying into the SC Johnson family.”

1. Hulburd’s first vote will be to reelect Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. “I’ll support her if she shows her priorities are what I consider my district’s priorities, my priorities,” he told the Arizona Republic. Jon Hulburd received double max contributions from Nancy Pelosi and shares the same ideologue in liberal activism, even his campaign manager Ruben Alonzo stated that he is “A Loyal Democrat.” A vote for Jon Hulburd is a vote for Nancy Pelosi and the radical left.

Quayle for Congress