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OCTOBER 20, 2010

Your View

Carefree Mayor Schwan's refusal to sign the two initiatives that provide safeguards against a town property tax probably means his political handlers won't allow him to run for reelection as mayor in 2011. That politically risky move could only cost him votes. I look for one of last year's general election dropouts to replace him as the GOB mayoral candidate.

Cave Creek's Mayor Vincent Francia has been quoted, "Walmart is not the answer to the salvation of Cave Creek, but it is a stepping-stone; the Bullington property is also a stepping-stone." Apparently he has looked at the likely modest incremental revenues from the sacrificial southeast corner of Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway compared to the town's budget in his drive to create Scottsdale Northwest.

I hear Mayor Schwan is whining about the two property tax safeguard initiatives being circulated in Carefree that he refuses to sign. He claims the town cannot have a bond issue without a property tax. In fact with no public input the town council issued a 7 percent non-callable bond in connection with the purchase of the Carefree Water Co. What does he have in mind that would require another bond issue anyway? Does he want to finance construction of the Lewis Easy Street project and serve as a Lewis consultant like former Mayor Morgan did?

News headline reads, "Magazine ranks Scottsdale best city for babies." I am waiting for Scottsdale's golddigger ranking. Could be a winner there too.

Your photo and associated editorial regarding the clandestine meeting of the Carefree shadow government was spot on. Being caught on film may finally expose this sorry group for what they are, secretive control freaks and power addicts.

Kudos to Mr. Jim Pierce for his individual effort to protect Carefree from its own town government. He is collecting signatures for two initiatives which are intended to protect residents from a Council imposed Property Tax. His aim is to allow voters, not conspiring council members, to decide on the need for taxation should that time ever arrive.

The Night Before Debbie Burdick: The night before the 1 percent sales tax increase for education was approved she closed our middle school. Thanks, now my son has a 45 minute one-way bus ride to school. The night before 3 of her CCUSD schools announced they lost their excelling status she swindled a 3 year contract renewal for herself with most likely a huge benefits package and pension. Debbie Burdick 2, Local Kids 0.

I am outraged that six so-called top echelon men in Carefree would stiff the press. I hope Sonoran News takes them to court. We in Carefree have a right to know what elected officials are doing under such suspicious circumstances. What right do ex-officials have anyway? They are just that, ex-officials.

Not only do I have to put up with school busses five days a week but try to get anywhere on Cave Creek Road when they have CCUSD Homecoming. They have a parade and then students meander up and down Cave Creek Road obstructing traffic. Enough already. Keep your kids at home.

In case you aren’t aware there is a new state law with stiff penalties for not wearing a seat belt. I have been told the fine is $150 but I don’t know whether it causes insurance inflation or not. I wish the nanny state would leave me alone. Motorcyclists can drive on their bikes without helmets. Does that make sense? I have never worn a seat belt and I don’t plan to now. It is not only wrong but it is unconstitutional.

Cave Creek’s new informal slogan/brand “Perfectly Uncivilized” has received lots of attention, comment and ink. Here is another one to contemplate; “Carefree – just ridiculous.”

No wonder they bury their dead above ground in New Orleans: it makes it easier to get them out to vote every two years.

I hear talk of a Cave Creek Road closure for Wild West Days. I wonder if the organizers and businesses who back them realize how important a single arterial is to businesses, local residents and visitors. It is bad enough to slink through Carefree at 25 MPH. It is worse to roll through Cave Creek with multiple start stops and unmeasurable MPH. Planners need to keep in mind the population is on the side of residents and visitors by many orders of magnitude. Please, no more road closures!

Please vote the trash out! I have seen this guidance online numerous times and it is good advance. One, vote against every Democrat. Two, vote for non-RINO Republicans. Three, vote for Liberations who are also conservative. Any questions? Let’s quench socialism and amnesty!

I agree with every single one of your picks, Don. I’ll vote for and against every one of your choices. Your column was a public service at its best. Thank you.