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OCTOBER 6, 2010

Your View

I met a fairy today that would grant me one wish.
 "I want to live forever," I said.
 "Sorry" said the fairy, "I'm not allowed to grant wishes like that!"
 "Fine," I said, "I want to die after the liberals get their heads out
 of their asses!"
 "You crafty bastard," said the fairy.

If I didn't already believe in the resurrection of the dead, I would after last week.  This scene had nothing to do with true religion, unless you're into Voodoo.  It relates to a very un-holy little group of Carefree politicos, meeting on the sly at the water company building.  The likes of Gardner, Fulcher, and Meyer meeting with the mayor and several of his buds at an unofficial location off the record smells of open meeting law transgressions.  With town elections coming early next year, and Halloween on the doorstep, scary things are happening.  Protect the young.

What is a true Arizona Republican to do?  Nancy Barto and Heather Carter both representing their lobbyists, God help us all.

I'm glad the cash-for-clunkers auto destruction program was fully subscribed. Now that used car prices have shot up, my 1986 car is worth a small fortune. Thank goodness I wasn't allowed to participate.

I keep hearing how solvent Carefree is.  How is it that the town looks like a ghetto? Cave Creek on the other hand supposedly has financial problems, yet they have better maintained streets and their businesses and restaurants are doing great.  Carefree looks like what it is ... a dusty, abandoned desert town.

I thought we got rid of those bums (Meyer, Gardner & Fulcher)!  It was their free spending that caused most of Carefree's problems.  Haven't they screwed Carefree enough, now they have to do it behind the scenes?  Why can't they just be happy driving the library into bankruptcy.

I always wondered who was pulling Schwan and Miller's strings.  But, Meyer, Fulcher and Gardner are not "the sharpest knives in the drawer." No wonder Carefree is a ghost town.

Thanks to Sonoran News for exposing the current members of the shadow government that runs Carefree. I always suspected the monthly public council meeting was just for show and to vote in what the shadow government had already decided.

B. Hussein Obama recently slammed FOX news as being "destructive."  This came as quite a shock to my sensibilities as it is quite apparent that the most "destructive" force that ever existed in the United States is actually B. Hussein Obama with his high stepping neo-Marxist followers led by the nitwits in the SEIU.

Okay, okay, Lyn Hitchon is one mean lady.  But, she has issues.  What is sad is that her husband, a doctor, has not gotten her the professional help she so obviously needs.

Thanks to Sonoran News for again revealing the Carefree chicanery in Town Hall and among it’s advisors. How dare they use has-beens to establish policy. I didn’t vote for Wayne Fulcher, Greg Gardner or Lloyd Meyer then and I wouldn’t now. Who cares what they think? If this doesn’t empty Town Hall of this faction the town is doomed. Next year’s election may be our last chance.

I went to the so-called Taste of Cave Creek and I never will again. It is misrepresentation to say it is Taste of Cave Creek when you also have Carefree and Phoenix restaurants there. If the goal was to help and advertise Cave Creek restaurants why did they have their out of town competitors there? Secondly who in the hell were the jerks in yellow shirts pandering for a proposition that is so self serving to their own interest. What place does that have in a foodie event? And last, why were non-restaurants there? Is it for taste or for home businesses? Make up your mind, but I won’t waste my time or money again.

Well, well, well, the GOBs have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Those arrogant fools think they can get away with anything. I am asking for a town-wide alert to call Sonoran News if you see town officials or their GOB brothers doing something this stupid. Conversations at breakfasts, lunches and dinners would be helpful too. It is time to stop protecting these miscreants.

  I was very upset after reading this week’s editorial of the clandestine meeting of both sitting and past members of the Carefree Town Council.  I can only wonder how many other meetings there have been.   While I would be the first to admit that Council members Schwan, Miller and Gemmill could use all the help they can get, their choice of Fulcher, Meyer and Gardner show extremely poor judgment on their part.  I have lived in the area longer than most of them, but even they must be aware that Fulcher, Meyer and Gardner are responsible for most of the ills facing Carefree today.  Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that the Honorable Schwan, Miller and Gemmill are "DIS"honorable at best.