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SEPTEMBER 29, 2010

Your View

Cave Creek voters enthusiastically supported politicians who trumpeted the idea that Walmart, set to begin construction in November, would be a financial cornucopia providing endless 3 percent tax cash to transform Cave Creek into Scottsdale Northwest. How will Cave Creek residents react when they find out they have transformed their once quaint town into yet another burg filled with cookie-cutter businesses, but that Walmart generates only $0.5 million annually and they still need a general property tax to pay for all the swell improvements?

Drug-resistant superbugs fatal in 30 – 60 percent of cases are on the loose in Arizona. Fortunately the CDC (the organization touting swine flu shots) is on top of the situation and advises doctors treating patients with the bug to "wear gowns and gloves to protect themselves and make sure they don't infect other patients." Thank goodness for the CDC. What would the public do without them?

I recently read a humorous quote, “If you elect clowns, expect a circus.” I suggest a modified version for Carefree, “If you elect thugs, expect a brawl.”

IQ challenged voters in District 7, yes possibly you, demonstrated an acute lack of judgment with the election of Nancy Barto and Huber Stevens. The special interest puppet and the slimy crook represent a double barreled nightmare. Barto in the Senate and Huber inside the Republican Party are a local reflection of the aliments facing our country.

Even a slow fox can score in a chicken coop with the help of a few friends. No doubt the majority of Stevens’ 272 votes were Kiwanis related. God help the Republican Party.

Week after week one learns of more nonsense in Carefree. Outsiders, as well as astute insiders, observe that Ms. Hitchon fuels antagonism with what she arrogantly calls Carefree Truth. The predominant truth is that Ms. Hitchon is a Vichy-like termagant intent on stirring controversy where none exists.

As a conservative and a woman and a Creeker, I agree the so-called slogan of “Perfectly Uncivilized” is stupid to the core. It sounds like a come on for a stripper joint. And who gave them the authority to label all of us? I am a social person with many friends and acquaintances and have yet to find someone who agrees with the chamber slander.

Now that Cave Creek’s Mayor is running a race track he should bring casino gambling to town to help balance the budget. Gambling, drinking, and shopping in Cave Creek with brothels in Carefree – life would be soooo good.

Debbie Burdick for Governor! She may not have a clue about budget management or fiscal restraint, but neither did Janet. Look where it got her.

Although I am for small government, I agree they should step in on the proposed chamber slogan for Cave Creek (Perfectly Uncivilized). If it is that important, and I don’t think it is, the public should vote on it or there should be a thorough examination by town staff followed by a council vote with plenty of public input. If we have an expert in town I would love to hear his or her input.

The fellow in the While House is a destructive force not seen in this country since the likes of Joe McCarthy. At least Joe was an American citizen trying to root out communism. Obama’s citizenship is in serious doubt and he is trying to root out the American spirit.

Americans everywhere, but Arizonans in particular must wake up. This is an unprecedented time in our history – an American President and his Justice Department have attacked a sovereign State to protect felons, human traffickers and Mexican drug cartels. Ms./Mr. American, if you think these actions don’t affect you, open your eyes and use the brain God gave you before someone takes it away, or tells you how they want you to use it.

Enjoyed your editorial about your “French Connection” and am glad it appears to have worked for you. I had terrible results in attempting to do business there. The French looked down on us and we couldn’t turn our back. I had to pay for their luncheon wine and it was virtually impossible to fire anyone, no matter that there were so many slackers. The connections with the high levels of government worked for you but were devastating for us. We would call it corruption here. I could write a book.

Exactly why did the council vote in more commercial property when we have such abundance of it? I hope some enterprising citizen files a referendum. If I knew how to do it effectively, I would but I will provide money and volunteer time too.

I wonder if Kiwanis bought the windmill property. If they did, I have a bridge in Alaska to sell them. Is the (Susan) Vanik woman gone yet? If she has gone I may join.

In calendar 2010 there was no COLA increase for Medicare recipients. But 2011 is an election year so look for a 1.3-1.5 percent increase in Medicare payments in 2011, probably at least partly offset by higher Part "B" premiums.