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SEPTEMBER 22, 2010

Your View

Linda Bentley’s article in the Sept. 15 issue entitled “Obama, the jig is up” was very well written. Kudos to Linda and Sonoran News for telling the truth in the face of the delusional voice of the liberal media and the façade they attempt to create. I haven’t seen any movement toward removing Obama from office now that we know he’s not qualified to serve in the Office of President. What is the procedure for the steps that need to be taken and by whom will they be taken?

I see the Cave Creek Museum will open for its 41st season. I think it is time to rename it "Carefree Museum" and move it to the Carefree town center to replace some of the businesses that have closed. There is enough empty space there to house a significant part of the Smithsonian collection.

Terry Lakin deserves our unfailing support in his efforts. Thank you for publishing the URL so we can contribute directly to his defense. In case any readers who wish to help missed the article in last week’s issue (Sept. 15) here it is again:

I applaud Councilman Coady's actions to safeguard my name and e-mail address from identity theft and marketing companies. Thank you sir for once again putting citizens first.

The Carefree town council, never known for a shred of common sense, voted to approve the garish Easy Street project rezoning in 2006. In January 2008 developer Ed Lewis stated he wanted to break ground by that fall. Almost three years later there is no sign of any progress on the deal that was supposed to arrest the downward spiral of the town center. Now Carefree is stuck with a preposterous zoning arrangement that continues to hang like the Sword of Damocles over local businesses. I wonder if former Mayor Ed Morgan is still on the Lewis payroll.

It’s nice to see that the Bill of rights Institute is sponsoring the “Being an American” essay contest. My guess is that since American history is taught from such a warped view in our public school system that unless the students do a lot of reading in sources other than textbooks, the only ones that will have a handle on the civic value most essential to being an American will have been home-schooled or privately schooled.

I am very concerned about Carefree town finances. July 2010 tax revenues plunged 17.7 percent compared to the July 2009 amount, which was poor to begin with. The town council has already voted in a sales tax rate totaling 10.3 percent, the highest in Maricopa County, that has helped drive businesses and customers out of Carefree. What is to prevent Mayor Schwan and his GOB pals from pushing through a property tax to fund the mayor's reckless spending on goofy projects such as electrified gas lamps in the town center?

I was pleased to see Jim Peirce came in third (behind a Carefree town councilman and a candidate for LD 7 House of Representatives) of 15 candidates in the August voting for Republican precinct committeeman. Maybe he should run for Carefree mayor next year. Heck, he even bested popular David Burnell Smith who seems likely to be elected to the Arizona Legislature.

Wow! Teresa worked for three years to attain Certified Municipal Clerk status – that’s a long time to sustain an effort toward a professional goal. How long does it take to become Master Municipal Clerk? Based on what I’ve been reading about Betsy Wise making incorrect computations and giving out misinformation, she may need a refresher course. Is there something like that or is the Carefree Clerk situation hopeless?

I spoke with a Carefree councilman who voted to ban sparklers and fountain cones for the 4th of July. He thought there are fines for using sparklers but couldn't actually tell me what they are because he hadn't bothered to read the new ordinance.

The story about Laszlo Vegvari is a perfect example of how government agencies operate and why we want no part of the government running the health care system, the education system the postal system or anything else that can possibly be managed by private enterprise.

I wonder just how committed the Carefree Teapartyers are when it comes to entitlements. Would they willingly give up their fire protection paid for by the Town?

Francia has the temperament and the experience to handle the Paradise Turf GM role with zero difficulty. Congrats to our favorite mayor!