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Speaker Pelosi not popular with Independents

Robert Robb gives two reasons why Republican David Schweikert is favored to defeat incumbent Democrat Harry Mitchell in U.S. Congressional District 5 this November, (Viewpoints, Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010).  But there is a third reason, namely wide disaffection among independent voters with Congress in general, and with the perceived persona and leadership style of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  This disaffection is seen in polls covering other Arizona congressional districts, not just the fifth.

Harry Mitchell, and the other Democratic members of the Arizona congressional delegation, voted to make Ms. Pelosi Speaker of the House two years ago. They will do so again, if the Democrats retain control of the House in November’s election.  

The only effective thing an independent voter can do to get rid of Speaker Pelosi is to vote for Mr. Schweikert, and his fellow Republican candidates for Congress, on November 2nd.

William O. Sumner | Scottsdale


Obama’s rocket

Thomas Paine said it more than 200 years ago, referring to one of his rivals. Today it could be applied to Obama's popularity ratings: "As he rose like a rocket, he fell like the stick ..."

Ralph G. Smith | Cave Creek



Ground Zero Mosque

I am skeptical of The New York Iman's carefully crafted veiled threat:  “Remove the mosque from ground zero, and Americans will suffer at the hands of Muslim extremist world wide.”

Those not wanting to offend Islam have built a consensus of tolerance. Perhaps we are condemned by our own trust and desire to do what is right and politically correct, while our advisories exploit this virtue. Our forefather’s concept of freedom of religion, tolerance and separation of church and state was an innocent, idealistic vision. Do those rose colored glasses have the ability to blind our perception and situational awareness?

The Iman is a skilled manipulator, using our tolerance and respect for our values to shame us into taking his bait. The concept is notable.

In many cases, Islam is much more than a religion. It is a theocracy. Unfriendly nations have embraced Islam as their theocratic-government. The tentacles of radical Islam reach into selective mosques worldwide where the United States has become the enemy.

As the Ground Zero Mosque controversy escalates, the hypocrisy of Muslim extremists is revealing itself.  Are they as tolerant as they would have us believe we must be? What happens when Christianity and Judaism are attacked in the streets of Iran? Are there Churches, Synagogues or Temples in Saudi Arabia and Iran?

Bill Crawford | Scottsdale


9/11 anniversary

On 9/11, this year, I received two email videos that reveal the reality of the depth of the propaganda and lies we are hearing about the "peaceful religion" of which we should "be more tolerant."

The first video was of Muslims burning Christians – not books – they were burning people alive. They threw them into a shallow ditch and set leafy branches on fire on and around them. If they tried to escape they were beaten and pushed or dragged back into the fire. An old lady trying to escape was brutally knocked down and pushed back in the fire. All while others stood around and watched. How evil can humans get?!

The second video was of a young Muslim woman being beaten and kicked as punishment for her crime. What crime? Refusing to marry the old man that had been picked to be her husband/master. The judge ordered that she be killed. She was dragged into the street and executed by a mob of men and boys in compliance with Islamic Sharia Law. Her life ended as a man took a cinder block and mashed her head twice. The video was filmed on a cell phone as young boys took pictures with their cell phones.

This is the Islamic Sharia Law of which we are being asked to be more compliant and honor within our courts.

Evil of this nature cannot be tolerated by a civilized people. Sure there are peaceful Muslims around, but we don’t hear any outcry from them against this evil brutality. These radicals rule Muslim countries, and they will not be content until they rule everyone.

We need to face the truth about these radicals we are dealing with. The truth may not be politically correct. But then the politically correct is seldom true.

Steve Casey | Stonewall, Louisiana

More than 1,000 homeowners defrauded in Arizona

I have suffered a mortgage fraud. This same group of defrauders illegally seized more than 1,000 other homes in Phoenix. I and more than 400 other victims filed a complaint with the General Attorney, Terry Goddard. He found that fraud was real, and he won the case for all the victims in the Superior Court for the State of Arizona in and for the County of Maricopa.
The order of the judge was:
“Order Defendants to restore to all persons any money or property, real or personal, that was acquired by any means or practice alleged herein to be in violation of any of the abovementioned Acts, as deemed proper by the Court pursuant to A.R.S. 44-1528 and 6-131.”

Unbelievably, Terry Goddard has another document to show all the victims stating that he did not win anything, and he only reached a compromise. He has said this and other lies relating to it. It has been over a year, and the Attorney General has not given us what the judge has ordered. I want to publicize this complicity to delinquents, and the deceit of more than 1,000 families who thought that he was our protector. An official with this type of sin cannot be allowed to be governor.

I have all of the documents on file that prove his falsity.

Julian Soncco | E-mail


Maricopa County Supervisors cost taxpayers over $5.6 million in power grab war

Yawn. Another article by Yvonne Wingnut about spending on conflicts between elected county officials.  ZZZZZ.  Oops, kind of dozed off there after the third time reading her "old news" report.

If Ms. Wingett has a firm grasp of the obvious she would do us all a service; she should look into WHY.  What is the root cause of all this conflict?  If she really digs just a little she might find that the BOS has let their top dog, David Smith, assume way too much authority.  He makes no effort to work with the other elected officers and constantly interferes in their business either by withholding support or trying to take over.

Just in the past few years he has taken over the County Attorney's civil division, the Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (ICJIS) and the County Treasurer's Information Technology Division.  These are serious power grabs that hamper the ability of the elected officers to meet their statutory mandates, forcing them to take legal action to protect themselves.

Smith seems to be able to get the BOS to let him do whatever he wants.  His henchmen, Deputy County Manager Sandi Wilson, attorney Tom Irvin, and Public Information Officer Richard De Uriarte are all willing to go along.  Even Ms. Wingett herself facilitates his efforts by writing articles filled with misinformation provided by him and his motley crew.

American Post-Gazette
Distributed by COMMON SENSE, in Arizona


The truth about TruthAZ

TruthAZ is a Democrat front organization. They were formed five days ago for the sole purpose of attacking our candidates and influencing elections. “TruthAZ” is connected to Riester Robb, well-known Democrat operatives and a Democrat law firm and bill themselves as a “bipartisan Independent Committee.” 

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

We understand that it is an election cycle, and it is natural for all candidates to campaign vigorously; however, we do not expect these kinds of dirty, misleading tactics. Ask Democrats across the state to denounce this chicanery. 

Since Democrats lost this issue in the courts they are now seeking to gain as much media attention as possible to deflect their failed policies. 

We strongly believe that our candidates across the state represent the best interests of Arizona citizens and will continue focusing on the issues that impact them the most. We can only hope the Democrats rebuke these kinds of dirty politics and instead focus on campaign based issues. 

Arizona Republican Party


Protect wildlife and help prevent the next oil catastrophe

To Sen. Kyl, Sen. McCain and colleagues:
More than 5,300 birds, 550 threatened and endangered sea turtles, 80 dolphins and other marine mammals have been confirmed killed since the Gulf oil disaster began.

The devastating Deepwater Horizon oil disaster has killed thousands of birds, hundreds of endangered and threatened sea turtles and dozens of marine mammals. The U.S. Senate MUST take immediate action to pass the Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Accountability Act (S. 3663). This critical legislation will address much needed drilling reforms and safeguard our wildlife and wild places. The full extent of the environmental and economic impacts may not be known for years. It's time to ACT NOW! As elected officials of our country you have taken a pledge to protect all living creatures and humans. You have the power to make it happen. Act responsibly for what you have been chosen to do. Please, be truthful to yourselves and the world we live in.

Mrs. Sima Verzino | Scottsdale


Obama, the jig is up

I have been working over the Internet to educate people about this story. I have been called just about every name in the book because I posted this link and have been asking people to pray for LTC Lakin and to call their Congressman and/or the Judge involved.

Linda, I cannot thank you enough for writing this piece and following Lakin's story.
I cannot bear the thought that this man might go to prison for standing up for the American people and our sacred constitution. I wish everyone in Washington were doing the same.

I just wanted to thank you and tell you that you blessed me greatly with this story. I am dropping the link to your story in chat rooms and forums around the country and the world.

I hope you get the credit you deserve for boldly telling the truth.
God Bless You!

Eva | Castro Valley, California


Obama's vanishing Democrat Party support

While in basic training in the US Army, one of the first lessons is to march in step. The 111th Congress and the newly elected US Senate were sworn into office in January 2009 and Democrat Party leadership on Capitol Hill has led their members down, perhaps, a political road of no return.

President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Speaker of the House Nancy Polosi have kept the Democrat Party members in line to support legislation as ordered.
Capitol Hill Democrats passed ObamaCare while political polls were saying "NO.  Many Republican amendments were offered in committee hearings; however, the majority Democrat Party leadership asked their fellow Democrats to defeat all GOP amendments, and usually they did.

Often, Obama would say that Republicans were not going across the aisle to participate with the majority Democrats.  The Republicans were refusing to support legislation that a majority of Americans were saying "NO" to this new law. Under the Obama, Reid, and Pelosi team leadership, Democrat Party members usually would never cross the aisle in support of more Conservative amendments offered by Republican Party members.
No Democrat Party member in Congress, Vote #165, or the Senate, Vote #396, on Capitol Hill would say they had read the legislation that each voted for prior to passage. All Republican Party members in the House voted "NO" on this legislation.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, "But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what is in it." (
We are now approaching General Election 2010 on November 2, and the political polls are still in opposition to the ObamaCare legislation that the majority Democrat Party "crammed down (y)our throats."

With a majority of Americans still in opposition to ObamaCare, Democrats are not campaigning based on ObamaCare as they "forced" on Americans, and other wasteful worsening stimulus economic expenditures at taxpayers' expense.  Democrat Party's "stimulus" appears to have been legislation feeding the troughs of the Unions, and other allegations of fraud; again, at taxpayers' expense. The Obama, Reid and Pelosi plan of economic recovery is deteriorating. High rates of unemployment remain unacceptable.

The majority Democrat Party leaders Obama, Reid, and Pelosi team have kept Democrat members on Capitol Hill firmly in their line voting politically, just as a Platoon Sergeant would keep new recruits in line committed to military policy as ordered.

Democrats on Capitol Hill are now becoming Obama's vanishing support; not to be identified in the same setting.  For their 111th, Congressional action, the majority Democrats on Capitol Hill must now face a very angry American electorate.

Oscar Y. Harward | Monroe, North Carolina