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Is there a time limit on posting the annoying "sold" sign in front of the former Hammerhead Jack's restaurant? It is now just a blaring advertising sign. I hope the new owner opens a strip club (maybe named Wayne's or David's) soon because the town needs the cash and the alternative is a property tax.

CCUSD had $13.1 million in unspent funds from a bond approved in 2000 for a new high school and other projects. Per ARS 15-491 (J) the money could not legally be spent on anything else. Yet CCUSD is going ahead with spending, citing a provision buried in Section 34 of 2010 HB2725 supposedly authorizing the expenditures because nine years have passed. Can someone explain to me how a state law can override protective covenants in a 2000 bond issue? Or weren't there any such covenants? If not, what is to prevent any school district from passing a bond issue and then getting their education committee pals in the state legislature to allow the district to do whatever they want with the cash?

News headline: "At Least 8 Killed in Cancun Bar Attack." Note to self: Cancel trip to Cancun. Mexico is coming to us anyway so why go.

I saw Huber Stevens came in 11th of 12 persons elected as Precinct 7 Republican committeemen. That is an improvement from the 1999 Carefree council primary election where he finished last.

Is the motto of CCUSD really "Inspire Excellence Because Achieving it is out of our Grasp?"

I frequently read that Arizona is at the head of the class with its anti-drunk driving laws. But compared to Norway, Arizona standards are pathetic. The laws in Norway base drunk driving fines in accordance with your monthly income. Also a drunk driver is jailed for three weeks with hard labor and loses their license for a year. If they do it again, they lose their license forever. Not much chance of Arizona getting serious about drunk driving with the beverage, restaurant, and tourism lobbies plus the state needs cash.

I still haven't gotten over Carefree Mayor Schwan turning to face an empty corner with no flag during the Pledge of Allegiance. How he survived his recall election is a mystery to me.

Back in the early '80s Scottsdale had a brochure stating "From Cow Town to Wow Town." Cave Creek could say do-si-do thru Walmart to Cave Creek's main street.  

The latest line of BS from the amnesty crowd is that the numbers of illegals entering the U.S. from over the Mexican border was down before SB 1070 went into effect so it is unnecessary. The economy sucks. There is no work. The illegals are not coming here in anywhere near the numbers as when there were jobs here. Why would they? If the pro-amnesty people will sit down and shut up long enough we will have new data indicating illegals have left the state of Arizona in large numbers since SB 1070 was passed, even before it went into effect. The number of illegals moving out of Arizona since it took effect will be yet more impressive. We need SB 1070. If Obama doesn’t kill the economy completely and it actually recovers, the illegals will be back.

Too bad people like Barto can get re-elected after having proven themselves to be morally, ethically and intellectually unqualified to hold office. Sonoran News should publish a list of people we must be vigilant about keeping under strict observation. They will need to be kept under tight control until they can be voted out of office.

“Perfectly uncivilized” is an unprofessional, meaningless phrase with a negative connotation. Who keeps pushing this? Why doesn’t the Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce put a stop to it? It’s so embarrassing. Our town is too precious to let it be tarnished in this way. Last week a Your View writer suggested Sonoran News conduct a branding survey and present the results to town hall. I notice the Sonoran News surveys, since they are online, no longer address strictly local issues and change every week. There would need to be a way for only people who are locals to vote – registered Cave Creek voters and business owners. How could that work?

GOBs in Kiwanis trying to pull a TC Thorstenson?? Really?? Attempting to up-zone a residential parcel to commercial sounds just like something they’d do. If Carefree was viable as a town the Kiwanians would stay home to do their deeds.

Who are the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to side with the feds against Arpaio? What will it take to get these people permanently out of their seats? We simply can’t afford to have our state torn apart from within. It’s bad enough we have to fight the President without adding these yokels to the list.

I see some of the Carefree GOBs have decided to play God with the library instead of, or maybe along with, the Carefree town government. The results are bound to be the same if the same people keep doing the same thing. If you want different results ….

It’s refreshing to read the comments and insights from various conservative sources you published on the letters page in the September 1 issue. Local letters are good, but it’s nice to see we are in agreement with and supported by people nationwide. I know it takes up space, but I’d like to see half of the letters page covered with writings from national conservative think tanks/organizations.