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In life we meet people we either like or not. Normal personalities avoid extended thought of the latter. Disturbed individuals transform their dark feelings into pure, acid hatred. Lyn Hitchon’s intense hatred of Councilman Bob Coady demonstrates her vile character. Her unending truth attacks – a jihad – serve as a damming testament to her illness. Is there a real doctor in her house?

Although we barely disagreed on Republican primary candidates the loss of J.D. [Hayworth] was to both of us – tragic. John McCain, who I call Macswine, is a low life that fits Washington to a T. I am disgusted Arizona voters don’t see that. As you say watch and see him sell us down the river. No matter what I will not vote for him.

Andy Thomas has been my guy since he became a public figure. I pray he becomes our new attorney general.

Where are the results of the Precinct Committee men? I worked hard to help sink Hugh Stevens and hope enough voters listened.
Editor’s note: Results were not available until Tuesday, the 31st of August. You will find the results in this edition.

As a devoted Democrat but right of center, you may have noticed, although you didn’t report on it, how quiet my party was. Strategically, we let your candidates bloody each other and gained volumes of useful information for our campaigns leading to the November election. Not only did we discover the chinks in their armor but they spent huge sums of money they can’t use against us. Who says we are sunk and will lose control of Congress?

Hey Don, there’s a new paper in Town, sort of. I believe it is the replacement for the now defunct Carefree official monthly newsletter. That original glossy political propaganda was mailed with Carefree funds. This recent trash is distributed free by a publisher dumb enough to give Schwan a printed pulpit. She obviously traded conscience for Carefree ad space.

Road changes are endless. I drive Pima to Chandler daily and the road has been torn up for months, Now, I notice more excavation burying pipes etc. Since we are in a recession and Scottsdale and others are supposedly broke, why now? What can’t wait? If stimulus money is being used it is our tax dollars at work and I didn’t vote on these projects. Government projects mainly help government workers when it is industrial companies who have the need. What need? For the government to get out of their way and let them function as they used to.

I hope voters noticed David Smith got the most votes in the LD 7 house race. Did you see any signs about him? I did see his ad in Sonoran News where he promised no signs. Good for him. Although the phony candidate Heather Carter was second she was given $20,000 by the AEA union people. Got it? And then police and fire jumped in – more unions!

What a delight to see Rick Romley bite the dust! As Sonoran News pointed out why would two well known Democrats have a fund raiser for him? Obviously because he is one of them and the voters got it. The Board of Supervisors might be all powerful [they appointed Romley].but the voters trump them every time. As soon as we can we need to vote all the supervisors out of office.

Your article on Clerk Betsy was too kind. The woman is a deceitful political stooge, hand picked by the ogre Stevens for that very quality. She served him and every pathetic hand picked mayor since with unethical distinction. It comes as no surprise that she has hindered Stavoe’s term limits initiative. The malignancy in Carefree rages on, untreated.

What is the rule about signs? I thought everyone would have to remove them, yet there is still a forest of the unsightly reminders of the primaries and the national election comes in November. Are those who are running allowed to keep their signs up? Does the 45 day rule apply about removing signs?

Walmart is still not breaking ground. Is there a problem? I thought by now I would see earth moving equipment on the site. I assume when Walmart gets a grip and sales taxes begin to flow my water rates will drop. Is that right?
Editor’s note: We understand Walmart will break ground in October. The town has not planned a drop of water rates yet.

Who is the genius that thought up a slogan for Cave Creek? “Perfectly uncivilized” is about as stupid as the moron who thought it up. I challenge Sonoran News to hold a survey and present the finding to the council and vote for something appropriate for our town, not something a dimwit came up with.

I remember reading about county managed dust control. Although it is tempting to call them because my neighbor makes clouds of dust when leveling his corral, I am hesitant to get a county bureaucracy involved. My neighbor gets angry when we ask him to wet the ground before blading. We have learned some new words from him in the process and we fear his anger. Could someone write to the newspaper with ideas? We are seriously thinking of moving.

Since Glen Miller knows everything, maybe we should get rid of the mayor and council and let him run everything. Our new slogan could be “The Best Little Dictatorship in the West.”