Don Sorchych My ViewAUGUST 25, 2010

Politics and government

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This issue includes the Republican primary results. We also have the results posted at the Sonoran News office, 6812 E. Cave Creek Road.

I hope the voting public realizes the importance of the November elections. Those who win the primaries will be competing against Democrat opponents.

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The two years of Democrat control of both houses of Congress and the executive branch has been a disaster and the only way to stop and reverse the rapid deployment of socialism is massive wins by Republicans.

Although some observers believe Republicans will win at least the house if not the senate, it is a toss up with complex voter and incumbent actions.

It will take a little more than two years to have a shot at getting Obama and his big spending wife out of the White House. Without the brakes of congressional control we will lose the country we all love.

If you haven’t read Obama’s history click on “Obama revealed” for the original Nov. 2009 piece written by Matt Bruce entitled the Fundamental Transformation of America. It appeared on

And who do we have to thank for the president? Let’s start with John McCain who spent $20 million to damage J.D. Hayworth’s challenge (so he could stay in office) but praised Obama when he competed with him for the presidency.

Most of the media took their direction from their much loved Democrat in Republican clothes, McCain.

Even the conservative media was generally subdued due to the country’s slide to “diversity” and Obama’s blackness put them into the back of the bus.

Never mind that Obama spent millions to hide and camouflage his past. Why isn’t the media asking why? Even my favorite talk show hosts won’t mention it. Last I heard we still have a First Amendment and it is their job to dwell on such matters.

It is too bad newspapers are not a growth industry. The country needs a resurgence of conservative newspapers but the weak economy together with liberal journalist graduates makes it unlikely. Already the layoff of journalists has reduced the pool of writers who should hold government accountable.

In Arizona we are stuck with the Gannett owned Arizona Republic and it is a disgraceful propaganda-filled rag. The Tribune was once considerably better before it went belly up.
They did a credible job of investigative journalism and their best reporter, Mark Flatten, went to the Goldwater Institute and they are doing much of what newspapers used to do.
I get the Wall Street Journal which is a fantastic newspaper and they are beating the pants off the New York Times. Even the evil New York Times looks conservative compared to the Arizona Republic.

The next phase of elections leading to the Nov. 2 elections will be interesting. It may give us the first real indication if the Obama administration is on the skids. If it isn’t, we are rapidly on the road to a European type of life, never believed possible before the election of the “messiah.”

Somehow, he must be removed!

But we have plentiful problems in our backyard. If the likes of Nancy Barto and Heather Carter win, a couple of messages are obvious. We know money counts and where it comes from is even more important. Both, in spite of claiming to be Republicans, are heavily union supported. Unions don’t support conservative Republicans.

Barto has proved she is expert in sneaking legislation through as she almost did with HB 2154. She did sneak an amendment to HB 2725, which benefits CCUSD but screws voters and bond holders.

Heather Carter is owned by the AEA and wants to be a good friend to the union. That means, if she gets in she will be fronting legislation for them. Democrats in disguise like her and Barto must be watched by the Republican leadership so they don’t slip their legislation in when the legislature gets busy, like Barto did.

On the local political front Cave Creek seems to be hanging in there waiting and hoping for an improved economy beginning with Walmart, which I am told will open in about June or July of 2011. At least the Town Manager form of government with Usama Abujbarah at the helm works much better than the political form of government in Carefree.

With the Carefree mayor as the CEO, it means that a non- professional is running the town. If he isn’t running the town someone who knows what he or she is doing would be in charge. That would be a town manager, which would require an ordinance changed by majority of voters.

The recent brouhaha where Town Clerk Betsy Wise gave different signature requirements for initiatives depending on who was fronting for the initiative smells awful and seems to benefit the good old boys (GOBs) of Carefree. Already a complaint has been filed with the FBI. I would assume the issue was filed there since the current Attorney General Terry Goddard refused to investigate the antics of Carefree GOBs but did investigate others, like Bob Coady for instance.

Town Managers are steeped in municipal law and practices but choosing the town manager is critical. Until Cave Creek Town Manager Abujbarah, the town had a string of town managers no one is proud of. So the choice is critical and that requires a town council whose interest is having a professionally functioning town with minimum political interference in day to day operations.

The town clerk position is also critical, even with a town manager form of government. Again, Cave Creek is blessed with Town Clerk Carrie Dyrek, whose ethics are above reproach. She assures a clean local government where GOBs would be sent packing. Quite a number have left town since there is no toe hold there. You should have seen the situation way back when.

So Carefree has a ways to go and redemption, or not, begins with 2011 elections.