Don Sorchych My ViewAUGUST 18, 2010

Endorsements for the Republican Primary Election

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Carefree and Cave Creek’s ballots are the same except for Precinct Committeemen (PC) so I am using Carefree’s ballot for the order of open seats. Carefree has 15 candidates for 12 PC openings. Cave Creek has only three PCs running, and because they are uncontested, will not be on the ballot.
The choices are for the Republican primary.

U.S. Senate: J.D Hayworth doesn’t have the money incumbent John McCain has, but he is a seasoned conservative, for border control and against amnesty in any form, unlike Juan MexCain. McCain, if elected, will not help secure the border and will give bipartisan support for amnesty. He cannot be trusted and another six year term will be spent sticking it to Arizona. Hayworth will be a strong conservative voice in the Senate.

Congressional, Dist. 3: Ben Quayle is my pick. Quayle is the only candidate who is conservative and will have sufficient funding to defeat his Democrat opponent. Otherwise the choice may have been Pamela Gorman who has not shown a propensity for fund raising.
There are still seven candidates pursuing John Shadegg’s seat and many of them are taking pot shots at Quayle which means their polls are showing him as leading. The sneakiest has been Vernon Parker, who wouldn’t even be in the running except he is using an able publicist who doesn’t mind hitting below the belt. I also suspect Sheriff Joe’s endorsement for Parker was engineered by Jason Rose, Arpaio’s and Parker’s publicist.

A recent flyer from Quayle hit Parker where it hurts most. Parker is fond of saying the government libeled him, that anyone against him is a racist and he finally sued Uncle Sam no doubt to stymie the truth coming from a simple reading of government charges.

The new flyer said, “When he wanted a government contract …Vernon Parker lied to get it.”
Then there were quotes from the Small Business Administration’s Office of Inspector General: “… documents submitted by Vernon B. Parker … were false or of questionable authenticity. “Mr. Parker produced a letter that had been altered … “Vernon B. Parker submitted ‘invoices’ that did not match bank record deposits … “Mr. Parker falsely certified that he was not a federal employee.”

This is called fighting fire with fire.

Another flyer hit the mailboxes for potty mouth Jim Waring, who was so nasty to a Republican leader that he was made to go outside from the Republican’s house since he was so volatile around the children. He continued his barrage outside because his “host” had endorsed Quayle.

Then came a flyer with Cave Creek Vice Mayor Ernie Bunch on the front and his brother state Senator Ed Bunch, Councilman Dick Esser and former Mayor Tom Augherton on the back. They were pimping for “empty suit” Jim Waring. Ed Bunch’s lame explanation was that he was repaying a favor by Waring’s endorsement since he knew of the fracas caused at the Republican leader’s house. The favor was that Waring had suggested to the board of supervisors that they appoint Bunch to his seat since Waring had resigned to run. The others, especially Esser, spoke of Waring’s attendance at Cave Creek Council meetings.

Hello? Waring shows up just long enough to be asked by Mayor Vincent Francia to lead the pledge. Then he sneaks out. Some participation! Don’t politics make you want to puke?
Governor: Vote for Gov. Jan Brewer, while holding your nose. Don’t trust the RINOs. They voted Napolitano in and may try to do the same for Terry Goddard. Goddard is a disaster like most that are endorsed by the propagandist Arizona Republic. Brewer needs pressure from voters and the legislature to never raise taxes again. She and the legislature need to give the education’s union dominated lobby a serious haircut. Unless they do, the budget will never be balanced.

State Senator: Ray Barnes is head and shoulders above the three others. He is conservative, honest, experienced and he is not Nancy Barto, who would be the worst choice of the century. Barnes is endorsed by Sheriff Joe and Russell Pearce.

Barto’s fund raising is on a roll and as of Aug. 12 has a balance of $34,469.35. Contributors were dominated by healthcare, lobbyists and unions. During this reporting period she received $11,630 from individuals. PACs contributed $4,690. Don’t let them buy Barto a senate seat. Elect conservative, experienced and honest Ray Barnes.

State Representative, choose two: David Smith, a lawyer, way conservative, experienced and endorsed by Sheriff Joe and SB 1070 author Russell Pearce.

Kristen Burroughs, very conservative, is for eliminating the state income tax, school choice and for border protection and against amnesty.

The principal Democrat in Disguise (DID) in this race is Heather Carter, who thanks to the CCUSD AEA union, “carpet bombed” the area with signs. During this reporting period she had $20,066.35. After expenditures she has $2,075.60. $7,124 came from PACS, which included $1,664 from AEA and $410 from firefighters (both are unions). Carter was generous with herself and loaned her effort to become a Republican Representative (never mind that she is a RINO at best and most probably a DID) $10,836. Additionally, the PAC chaired by the AEA president made an independent expenditure of over $5,000. Carter is owned by unions and recently strapped on her myriad signs a statement that she is supported by law enforcement and fire, both unionized.

We don’t need a fox in the henhouse.

Attorney General: Andrew P. Thomas, as County Attorney fought illegal immigration together with Sheriff Joe and fought corruption with the County Board of Supervisors, which is years overdue. In contrast to Terry Goddard he will be an aggressive Attorney General who will fight for state rights and strongly enforce SB 1070.

State Treasurer: Thayer Verschoor, decorated army veteran, eight-year legislative career, endorsed by Sheriff Joe and Russell Pearce, a 100 percent conservative.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: John Huppenthal has served in the legislature for 17 years and has been on education committees for those years. He also is a student of educational literature, is for performance based salaries and private systems of schooling. Endorsed by Russell Pearce.

Corporation Commission, choose two: Brenda Burns and Gary Pierce are endorsed and although we seldom endorse slates we will make an exception; these two are nearly identical conservatives and endorsed by both Russell Pearce and Jon Kyl.

County Attorney: It has to be Bill Montgomery unless you want to vote for (DID) Rick Romley. Romley did not distinguish himself while in office and has been reappointed by the crooked county board of supervisors. A local fundraiser was held for Romley by local Democrats. Would they do that for a Republican, especially a conservative Republican like Bill Montgomery? Put the County Attorney’s office back in conservative hands and send Romley back to the Democrat reservation.

Carefree voters will have the option of voting for 12 Precinct Committeemen out of 15 that are listed. This is easy as Huber (Hugh) Stevens and George C. Hofer are GOBs and don’t deserve votes. That leaves one other you can’t vote for.