Three things are connected

dr. daveRemember the kid in school with the really big head. A forehead that jutted so far out that ravens perched on his shnozz for shade. Usually sat in front of you during assembly. Remember assembly? You might not, but chances are ol’ coconut cranium probably does. And then again, remember that pinhead in school. Get in a fight with him and it was tough to knock him down because you could never actually hit his head even though you would throw a punch directly at it. (I appreciate that many of you went to school to learn stuff but I went to a school so rough that if you didn’t set off the metal detectors on the way in they would hand you a switchblade or a crowbar.) Keep Reading...

singleton moms logoAUGUST 18, 2010

Valley single moms with cancer needed for survey

Participation in confidential online survey will help Singleton Moms provide better domestic, financial and emotional support to
single mothers with cancer

SCOTTSDALE – Valley single mothers with cancer are being sought to participate in a brief confidential online survey to help the non-profit organization Singleton Moms better serve them.

Singleton Moms provides domestic, financial, and emotional support to single mothers with cancer in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Long-time friends Andy Royal and Jody Farley-Berens co-founded Singleton Moms in November 2006 after they lost their dear friend, Michelle Singleton, to cancer. Through their personal experiences with Michelle, the two friends discovered that aid based organizations were few and far between. Keep Reading...