craig cantoniGuest Editorial


Will Republicans save the country?

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The Republican Party claims that if it regains control of Congress, it will stop President Obama’s neo-socialism and spending orgy.  But will the Grand Old Party also pay off America’s debt and stop its downward spiral into economic decline and possible insolvency?
If history is a reliable guide, the answer is an unequivocal no.  History says that the GOP will increase the debt and accelerate the downward spiral into economic decline and possible insolvency.

Let’s look at some of the history.

Since 1946, Americans have been robbed of $19 trillion in real wealth as a result of the purchasing power of the dollar being debased.  Also, over the last few decades, the Social Security Trust Fund has been robbed of over $4 trillion.  Even worse, the government has run up bills totaling about $100 trillion for unfunded entitlements, for the national debt, and for the interest on the debt.   The total monetary value of these unfunded promises and stolen loot comes to over $1.6 million for every American under the age of 18.

These crimes have been going on for so long and are of such a staggering magnitude that one party couldn’t have gotten by with them without the complicity of the other party (and the media).  The fact is that the robbing continued regardless of which party was in control of the government. 

Granted, my memory is decreasing as my age increases, but I don’t remember Republican presidents and members of Congress screaming about the larceny and promising to end it.  Nor do I recall Republicans explaining to the public how the Federal Reserve and its banking cartel operates as a fence for the stolen goods and allows the two parties to give free stuff to voters without paying for it with higher taxes.

The media haven’t been any better. I don’t remember Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and other legends of the mainstream media oligopoly blowing the whistle on the burglary ring by starting their broadcasts as follows: Good evening. Today, Democrats and Republicans continued debasing the dollar and looting the Social Security Trust Fund.

Universities and government K-12 schools also haven’t been any better. I don’t remember hearing about a commencement speaker saying something like this at a high school or college graduation: You’re facing a life of indentured servitude if you don’t vote the thieves of both parties out of office.

A full list of the crimes of both parties would fill a hundred pages, but let’s look at some of the other really big crimes.

Both parties got us into expensive wars that had nothing to do with our national security; both parties created a permanent underclass by giving women incentives to have children out of wedlock and not marry the fathers of their children; both parties doubled K-12 per-pupil spending in real terms over the last 40 years while accomplishing the amazing feat of lowering education standards and productivity; both parties flooded colleges with government money, thus causing tuition to skyrocket and standards and academic independence to decline; both parties embraced immigration policies that made it difficult for the world’s best and brightest to enter the country, and, at the same time, made it easy for the least skilled and educated to enter; both parties expanded federal, state and local governments to the point where they now consume 49 percent of national income, versus 12 percent prior to 1930; both parties have enacted so many laws and regulations that the Federal Register has ballooned from 2,620 pages in 1936 to nearly 80,000 pages today; both parties were responsible for the housing bubble and subsequent collapse, and they were so brazen about their complicity that they used Fannie Mae as a patronage office, staffing the board and the executive ranks with muckety-mucks from both parties.

It’s clear that the Republican Party won’t save the country.  But you can save the country by not voting for either Republicans or Democrats.