AUGUST 4, 2010

Your View

Former Carefree Mayor Huber S. Stevens is a candidate for precinct 7 committeeman at the Republican primary election on August 24. Voters should know that he insisted on issuing 20-year non-callable 7 percent municipal bonds that have resulted in outrageously high water rates for the town-owned Carefree Water Co. Subsequently he came in dead last in the 1999 Carefree primary and withdrew in disgrace from the general election. He still hasn't recovered from that trauma. Yet he still loves to meddle in politics. He won't get my vote!

I very much enjoyed your election coverage and learned who not to vote for. Nancy Barto heads the list of people who should never be in the legislature. It isn’t just because I am on a private road in Cave Creek, I don’t like candidates who owe large financial debts to health care. I availed myself of the links you provided and learned more reasons why she isn’t worthy of a vote. The same goes for Heather Carter who littered our town with her signs. I can’t wait for your disclosures of the future financial statements.

Alan Combs was interviewed on FOX TV this morning. He was lying like a rug. Obama's latest poll results were, "... just a matter of perception." Worse yet, he tried to sell a flat out untruth that 95 percent of the US population, including small business owners, were going to get tax cuts in coming years. Unfortunately the dimwitted blond who was conducting the interview had not done her homework (so, what else is new), and Alan walked all over her.

Count me in about the huge difference between the road “improvement” in Cave Creek and Carefree. Cave Creek’s is as smooth as silk and Carefree’s is bumpety bump bump. What moron contracted Carefree’s road work? Please interview them and let us know. Or should we just go to the top and blame (David) Schwan? He likes being CEO for prestige, how about accountability?

I read the sad story of the death of Cowan. How anyone can deliberately run over a dog is insane. If Sheriff Joe Arpaio is as much an animal lover as he claims he will apply the resources necessary to bring this killer to justice and see he gets the maximum penalty the law allows. I am so sorry for his owner. I hope his memories of Cowan will help alleviate his grief.

My family has made a vow that we, and everyone we can convince, will NOT vote for anyone with signs in our area. I stopped counting at 100 and we mutually decided to essentially boycott those who force their names on us. It would seem newspaper or radio ads should be sufficient to get their names and plans across to the public. It would seem to us that a signless campaign would be a winner. The only one who made such a pledge is David Smith running for the house in LD 7. Vote for him and any others who are sign free.

I am so weary of Cave Creek’s water rates and a Carefree friend shares my exhaustion with cutting corners to pay my pills. Both towns paid too much and now, due to a nationwide recession, are footing the bill to keep town halls alive. I understand that high prices reduce water use in the desert, but some water use cannot be cut back. I can only pray that, at least in Cave Creek, Walmart tax revenues will allow Cave Creek water rates to be greatly reduced. I don’t know what Carefree can do.

I get that I should not vote for Nancy Barto or Heather Carter and I won’t. You have made that case. But I want a conservative outlook on other candidates. Will your endorsements be printed soon?
Ed. note: Yes, we will, but we may be pushing the Aug. 24 election date. We want a good look at the Aug. 12 candidate financial statements and the Aug. 18 printed edition will carry all endorsements. So early voters please hold on to your ballots.

Exactly why did the Cave Creek planning commission vote to upzone the property behind what was Hammerhead Jacks? I assume these people live here but don’t have a clue. How many referendums do they want? Furthermore, do we have an overwhelming need for commercial space? Don’t we have scads of empty space now? Clear and simple the buffalo guy wants to profit from an upzone. I hope the council has more sense than the planning commission has demonstrated and if not I will (yawn) vote against him in referendum. And I won’t forget at election time on how each councilman voted on this application.

Lynn Petronella’s letter to the editor was both timely and accurate. The Dream Act is truly a nightmare rather than a dream. I suggest everyone watch carefully what position candidates take on this act. Anyone who gives it a second thought is not a Republican I can vote for in the upcoming primary. The Dream Act is a form of amnesty and anyone for amnesty should not be in office.