JULY 28, 2010

Scottsdale Musical Arts kicks off fundraiser to support new youth orchestra

Non-profit seeks to raise $20,000 by Aug. 11 in order to receive a matching gift of $20,000

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SCOTTSDALE – Recognizing a lack of community performance and music education opportunities for children in Scottsdale, Brett and Jennaya Robison, both doctoral candidates in conducting at University of Arizona, founded the non-profit organization Scottsdale Musical Arts (SMA) in the summer of 2009. Their ambitions of forming a semi-professional orchestra and choir as well as a youth choir in their first year were wildly successful, as approximately 200 musicians took part in the organization in this first season.

For the second season, Scottsdale Musical Arts is continuing to expand with the addition of a youth orchestra component. Designed to partner with students’ school music programs, the Scottsdale Youth Orchestras will develop young musicians’ ensemble ability. The goal is to create a high level of artistry while developing the entire musician. Bringing the riches of that talent to players' schools will further develop the music programs within the community.

Scottsdale Musical Arts’ plan is for two youth orchestras:
• The Philharmonic Orchestra, a full orchestra comprised of serious musicians who seek a challenging experience playing the works of classical orchestral repertoire.
• The Sinfonia Orchestra, a preparatory orchestra for musicians who will ultimately have the opportunity to progress to the Philharmonic Orchestra.

The cost of starting up and running such a program is significant. Some of the costs include:
• Percussion equipment
• Music stands
• Music
• Performance venue rental
• Need-based scholarships
• Video and sound recording for concerts
• Insurance

Fortunately, a generous donor has offered to provide a matching gift of $20,000 if Scottsdale Musical Arts can raise another $20,000 by Aug. 11. To reach its goal, SMA has launched a 20K in 2 Weeks campaign. They seek the support of patrons of the arts in the community who support live music. Tax-deductible contributions can be made by credit card by visiting Scottsdale Musical Arts' Donation Page. Alternatively, donations by check made out to Scottsdale Musical Arts may be mailed to: Scottsdale Musical Arts, 16211 N Scottsdale Rd., A-6-A #453, Scottsdale, AZ 85254.

Scottsdale Musical Arts is a performing arts organization in the Phoenix area. Their organization includes Scottsdale Children's Choirs, Scottsdale Youth Orchestras, and the semi-professional Scottsdale Choral Artists and Scottsdale Arts Orchestra.