BY PETE MOHR | JULY 28, 2010

Can newest ‘A.D.’ Rick Swearengin help Principal Steve Bebee return stability to CSHS?

rick swearenginHis 24 years of administrative and coaching experience at all high school levels give him more than a running start

CSHS – Principal Steve Bebee and Athletic Director Rick Swearengin know me well enough to understand that employing “newest” in the headline for this article is employed for emphasis – encouraging, yet intentionally sarcastic. Consider: at the start of school year 2005-2006, Dr. Gay Leo was CSHS principal, and Pete Gerlach had just been selected as new athletic director.  
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BY PETE MOHR | JULY 28, 2010

Late-June 1951: ‘Now batting for the Yang-kees … Joe … Di-Mag-gi-o’

Bob Sheppard, Oct. 20, 1910 - July 11, 2010:  “The Voice of God” is silenced – but never to be forgotten by sports fans who heard him

Reggie Jackson named him, with deepest respect, “The Voice of God.” Red Sox Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski humbly observed, “You’re not in the Big Leagues until Bob Sheppard announces your name.”  Keep Reading