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JULY 21-27, 2010

Your View

Just a few weeks ago Jo Gemmill, teashop hostess and wife of Carefree councilman and eminent statesman Bob Gemmill, was the firebrand speaker at a large Tea Party rally in Carefree. Seems that may not have been good for the teashop business after all, though, because this week Jo and Bob sent out invitations for a fundraiser at their house (remember Bob's HOA problems?) to support the election of Nancy Barto, the AZ Senate candidate who's never met a measure against illegal immigration she liked.

I'm tired of being lectured to by President Obama. His attitude suggests someone speaking to his disciples. There is even a blog titled, "obamamessiah". It's time for somebody to stick a pin in his gas bag and let some of the hot air out.

A northern Canadian magazine, "Up Here", has published its first swimsuit issue to draw attention to climate change. After checking the photos, I just changed my mind about moving to Yellowknife, NT and won't be going after all.

Carefree Councilwoman Susan Vanik refused to vote with her GOB pals (Schwan, Miller, and Gemmill) to raise town speed limits so Miller's motion failed 3-4. That is the third time she has made the mayor and his cronies look bad. Is it a coincidence there is a town council election coming up in March 2011? Is she demonstrating her independence from the GOB mob? Maybe she forgot to read the memo.

President Obama's press secretary Gibbs said it's possible that Democrats could lose their majority in the House this fall. No kidding!

In the past several months three small businesses have quoted me one price, then (unsuccessfully) tried to charge me a much higher price on delivery. Is this now a standard practice with the economy in bad shape?

A normally Democrat-sympathetic polling firm shows Barack Obama trailing three Republicans (Romney, Huckabee, and Gingrich) and is even with Sarah Palin for the 2012 presidential race. On a related point President Obama has spent over 200 hours on golf courses. Look for extensive foreign travel in 2011.

The YMCA has changed its name and is now known officially as just "the Y". But their web site remains and there they state, "The YMCA ... mission is to put Christian principles into practice..." Is the organization now covertly trying to recruit children to Christianity? Will they serve food where members can dine at the Y (DATY)?

I didn't know that Carefree had a marketing committee either. Does anyone know who they are? In this day and age, I didn't realize that there were still "no show" jobs available.

As he walked by the graveyard, VP Joe Biden remarked, "I don't think the losses are going to be bad at all", referring to Democrat losses in November.

A recent poll shows registered voters by 62-26 percent are inclined to look around for someone new for Congress rather than to re-elect their current representative. I guess that explains why Senator McCain's camp is spending so much for television ads depicting J. D. Hayworth as a "huckster" while McCain is portrayed as a Navy hero. Who's the huckster ("One who uses aggressive, showy, and sometimes devious methods to promote or sell a product") here anyway?

Alleged spybabe Anna Chapman has been deported. I suspect she'll try to defect at her first chance so she can cash in by writing a book and making the TV chat circuit.

News item: "$6,000 reward offered leading to arrest after bighorn sheep killed in eastern Arizona." Yet another reason for Cave Creek not to introduce Desert Bighorn Sheep in this area. The sheep could be shot by heartless killers.

A new study indicates that the Earth is up to 70 million years younger than previously believed. Pretty soon the creationists will be right after all.

The list of states where President Obama cannot vacation is growing: five along the Gulf coast (BP oil), Arizona (legal issue), California (state budget crisis), and other states with unemployment rates over 10% (IL, MI, NV, OH, RI, SC).

What's Miller's problem these days? Has the power gone to his head? He was not only sarcastic and antagonistic to other councilmen, he even cut off the mayor. I thought the mayor was the chair at council meetings, not the vice mayor.

If there ever was a notable comparison between Cave Creek and Carefree, it is the new highway resurfacing. Cave Creek’s new road is smooth as silk while Carefree’s is rougher than it was before Carefree spent the stimulus money, in other words our tax money. And by the way I am a Carefree resident.

If Glen Miller wants big city flashing lights on our streets, then he should move back to Chicago and do us all a favor.

Go to your wall calendar, and on the space for Tuesday, November 2, 2010, write in red pen: "Take out the trash - ALL of it! (Vote early - vote often)

News report: "D.C. area shaken by minor earthquake". Major D.C. earthquake likely in November as incumbents sent home.

Mr President: When you board or disembark from an aircraft, there are two members of the Armed Forces at the bottom of the ladder to render a military salute to POTUS. Half of the time, you pay no attention to this military courtesy. Clue: these two men probably DESPISE you, but still salute your office. Will you please return this courtesy? Even the headman from your Luo village in Kenya would flick his flywhisk in acknowledgment of a respectful salute.