merle nelsonBY PETE MOHR | JULY 21, 2010

Merle Nelson is Boys

CSHS – Many readers, I’m sure, have never heard of (much less gotten to know) Merle Nelson, primarily because Falcon Wrestling is, as a spectator sport, off-the-radar; and during football season, they’ve had no reason to be in the press box, where Coach Nelson has been the diligent clock operator. About himself, Merle Nelson is a no-profile kind of guy, always giving his best without making a fuss. “Modesty” is his byword. Keep Reading

cassie millerBY PETE MOHR | JULY 21, 2010

Cassie Miller to U17 National Team!

“I was just about the happiest girl in the world!” That’s how Cassie Miller described to Sonoran News her reaction when Sereno Soccer Club Coach Sandy Davison announced on June 25, 2010 that Miller had been called up to the U17 U.S. Women’s National Team.
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