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McCain the conservative? Don't make me laugh

Along with many other Arizonans I have been subjected to the ads produced by the "Friends of John McCain" which absolutely skewer J.D. Hayworth. I watch these ads in a state of bewilderment, wondering where McCain’s passion and judgment was during the 2008 presidential campaign. Have TRUE conservatives forgotten how many times McCain came to the defense of Obama, how he "assured" America of what a good man Obama was and how he never, ever came out fighting against an OBVIOUS radical socialist?  One can only conclude that McCain will only conjure up the fighting spirit to attack conservatives and save "his" senate seat while friendly gestures are reserved for liberals, progressives, socialists and Marxists.

A McCain statement that sticks with me more than any other was made during the primaries prior to the 2008 campaign. It was John McCain stating that he has been a "proud liberal for 40 years, eer, ah I mean conservative." Freudian slip? I think not. Given the progressive stances of his wife and daughter I can only surmise that the apples haven't fallen far from the tree. The daughter, now there is one piece of work, have you noticed how she has disappeared from the public arena since the beginning of this primary battle? I sure have.
Have YOU forgotten that McCain had considered Joe Lieberman, LIBERAL/Connecticut and running mate of Al "the blowhard" Gore as his running mate in 2008? McCain a conservative? Don't make me laugh.

Have you seen the ad using an Arizona sheriff (his name escapes me) who states that he has been working on the "border problem" with McCain for six years? First and foremost we don't have a "border problem" we have a full blown border invasion; secondly, nothing has been accomplished during those six years. To be honest, McCain did attempt to jam amnesty down our throats with a plan conjured up with Ted Kennedy (BIG LIBERAL, Massachusetts). Once again, McCain a conservative?

John McCain was and is a true American hero.

John McCain’s best days are far behind him. We can not trust John McCain to adhere to true conservative principles. He has sold us out before and you should have no doubts that he WILL do it again.

It's time for McCain to step aside and get out of the way. Short of that, WE THE PEOPLE need to do it for him.

Tom Carbone  |  Phoenix


It’s Mussolini-like corporatism, not crony capitalism

Call me strange, but I awoke this morning with the urge to check if corporate boards where stacked, as I suspected, with token board members who don't know anything about the specific business they are overseeing or about business in general. Sure enough, I found scores of examples of board members from academia, community groups, and politics – many of whom, to put it nicely, are not the friends of free-market capitalism. They are on the boards to appease the government and activist groups.  

Of course, the mainstream commentariat hasn't blamed these incompetents for the financial meltdown.

In the course of my research, I came across the following 2008 article from Slate on the make-up of the Fannie Mae board at the time. Wear a gas mask while you read it. The board was full of political hacks from both parties.

Unless you've been living in a spider hole for the last several years, you know that Fannie Mae was a main cause of the housing bust and subsequent recession. 

At least Mussolini was up-front about his corporatism. And at least Italians finally came to their senses and hanged him. Unfortunately, Americans haven't come to their senses yet. If you think they will come to their senses, here's a stock tip: Buy stock in rope companies.    

Craig Cantoni | Scottsdale


An act of treason

In an act tantamount to treason, the president of the United States of America has chosen to turn his back on the citizens of the United States by forcing his new socialized federal government to act against states rights.

Arizona, a late comer to statehood, has serendipitously received the most honorable and historic charge of reaffirming the ideology and articles fundamental to the principals binding the union of free states with a common destiny.

History will remember our response to our nation’s call of distress as we have chosen this time and place to fight this blatant attack on our country’s southern border. Arizona has the honor to lead the nation in the great reaffirmation of our principals and loyalty to the constitution, the bill of rights and the securing of our borders.

To informed, patriotic observers, it comes as no surprise that the imposter elected to the nations highest office is leading the charge on Arizona’s right to defend our border in the wake of the federal governments deliberate dereliction of duty. The President is obsessed with the decimation of every institution, every moral fiber, every point of reference to the founding principals that hold our union above all others. We are truly in a defining moment where the future of everything that makes our nation great is on the line.

Bill Crawford | Scottsdale


Dear friend of Border Control

Pres. Obama has tasked the Attorney General to sue Arizona over its new immigration law, SB1070.

Embarrassed that states have begun to take up the work that the feds have refused to do, they are looking to quickly get an injunction before Arizona's law is duplicated by more states eager to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

Old civil rights activists seeking headlines have promised to turn this straightforward law and order issue into some kind of civil rights circus, claiming racial profiling, etc.  One has already promised to bring thousands of activists into the state for demonstrations, marches, etc.

Few in Washington seem aware of the real life-threatening crisis that Arizonans endure every single day.

The Obama Administration will try to spin the Arizona struggle as proof that we need to pass amnesty immediately. Our job is to let him and every Congressman and Senator know that we've seen this act before and we are not buying it. What Arizonans and, indeed, all Americans want is for our government to seal our borders to drugs, disease, illegal immigration and terrorism. 

If you want to stand up for Arizona and the rule of law in the United States, click here to send a free e-mail to your Congressman, your U.S. Senators; and President Obama expressing your outrage.

Getting the Feds to drop their suit against Arizona will depend upon how willing you and millions of other Americans are to become activists. Activism doesn't necessarily mean dressing up like Rambo and marching in the streets. It can be as simple as signing petitions, sending postcards and emails to your Representative and Senators or participating in the dialogue, using your favorite social media (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.)

The more you do, the better our chances. And the time to start is now! 

Thanks again for your support for our work. 

Edward I. Nelson | Chairman | U.S. Border Control


Congressional candidate Pamela Gorman calls DOJ suit a “misfire”

Pamela Gorman, running for U.S. House of Representatives in Arizona’s 3rd District, is calling out President Obama on his “misfire” with the recent lawsuit the Department of Justice has filed against the State of Arizona.  Gorman was a co-sponsor of SB 1070, which is at the core of the lawsuit.
“It seems the President could use some target practice if he thinks that directing his energies at Arizonans is a good idea,” said Gorman.  The “problem” is not SB 1070, she pointed out as she explained that this bill is simply Arizona’s effort to clean up after the failure of the feds to protect America from the national security risk at the border.

“President Obama is looking more and more like nothing but a common bully, with zero ideas or willingness to solve the problems faced by our nation,” Gorman remarked.  She added, “We don’t fear bullies in Arizona, in case he hadn’t noticed.”  

Pamela Gorman explained that the economic destruction of the state is only one part of the equation.  Arizonans deal with issues related to illegal immigration that the rest of the nation couldn’t possibly understand.  From destroyed property, to diseased litter, to heavily armed drug cartels leading the human smuggling efforts, to hundreds of thousands of acres of Arizona land literally taken over by dangerous gangs, the local impact is startling.  “But, from a national standpoint, we have no idea how many terrorists are coming across our wide-open border or what lethal materials they are carrying with them,” she warned.

“There’s really no nice way to say this… It was a stupid move on his part,” offered Gorman.  “Has he forgotten that the 6 million people in Arizona are his constituents, too?”  She says, “Instead of taking shots at his constituents, he should be taking shots at the criminal element that has taken over large swaths of the southern part of our state,” then added, “Talk about a misfire!”

Pamela Gorman, Republican running in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District


Chutzpah! (HOOTS-pah)

In April of 2000, Slick Willy and androgynous troll Janet Reno ordered Reno's second-in-command to arrest six-year old Elian Gonzalez, and return him to his father in communist Cuba. Elian's mother had drowned in offshore Florida, but Elian had made it to the USA under the "feet dry" provision allowing Cuban escapees to enjoy refugee status – and freedom – in the USA.

The armed raid took place before dawn. News photos show a terrified Elian downrange from an MP-5 submachine gun held by a ninja-clad federal agent.

The name of the Assistant US Attorney General who sent Elian back to Cuba, and is now acting to give US citizens' rights to Mexican invaders? Eric Holder, current US Attorney General, proving once again that sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander when political chicanery is necessary.

Talk about unmitigated chutzpah!

J-P. A. Maldonado | Freedom Fighter on standby | Phoenix


Even when McCain is over there he can't stop pushing amnesty for illegals

U.S. Senate Candidate J.D. Hayworth today said Sen. John McCain is promoting amnesty for illegal aliens even when he is traveling in a war zone overseas.

"I guess he just can't help himself," Hayworth said. "While the Senator should be looking out for what is best for our troops fighting in Afghanistan, he goes on national television and talks about granting amnesty to illegal aliens."

During an interview on national television yesterday, McCain was defending his flip-flop on building a fence between the U.S. and Mexico to keep illegal aliens out. But he could not help himself and said amnesty must be part of the solution.

"We can get it (the border) secure, and then we can move on with comprehensive immigration reform," McCain said.

Comprehensive immigration reform is code for amnesty for the 12 million illegal aliens living in the U.S.

Last week, President Obama delivered a speech on the need for comprehensive immigration reform and singled out Sen. McCain as a leader in the past of promoting amnesty.

"Under the leadership of Sen. Kennedy and Sen. John McCain, we worked across the aisle to help pass a bipartisan bill through the Senate," Obama said. He went on to lament the fact that under election-year pressure McCain and other Republicans have tried to back away from amnesty.

"Even with the President trying to give him cover, Sen. McCain can't stop talking about amnesty," Hayworth said. "Make no mistake, if McCain is re-elected, he will stand with Obama and once again try to give illegal aliens amnesty and that will cost taxpayers trillions of dollars."

J.D. Hayworth | Scottsdale


Children and sexual education

Governments, by means of the laws passed on education are enforcing sexual information on our children without asking us for our opinion. While our children are being taught arithmetic, to improve their handwriting and to learn their spelling off by heart they are also taught to look upon their school companions in a different way, as objects which are there to be used and abused sexually.

In fact, masturbation (either alone or with a partner, homosexual or not), orgasm, oral and anal sex and other deviations are included in the subject of Sexual Education the teaching of which is obligatory. Playing with marbles, with cards or collecting picture cards is over. Now, the game will be practicing how to touch oneself in order to achieve a more satisfactory orgasm.

Children no longer look at things with innocence. Their gaze has been sullied by depraved teachers of corruption. An increase of rape amongst minors has been predicted. This has been happening already in countries where sexual education is imposed too early on children. We, as parents, cannot allow this to happen.
Isabel Planas | Valencia Spain



Canamex would be a roadway into Arizona at Yuma. Then a freeway section in Southern Arizona would lead north to meet State Highway 93 at Wickenberg. On we go to Interstate 15 by Las Vegas and on to Western Canada. Pipe dream?

Governor Jan Brewer has a Canamex Task Force with an executive director eyeballing the possibilities of the plan. (Is that a volunteer position or are we paying for it?)

Arizonans need to realize what Canamex and the North American Union are all about.

Governor Brewer needs to abandon her participation in such travesties. Turning Arizona into a series of truck stops, for Mexican trucks, no doubt, is not serving the people of Arizona. It is not the wise dispensing of taxpayer money. Put Canamex to a vote of the people and see what happens.

Instead of a Canamex Task Force we need an Arizona Task Force or SWAT, horseback and DPS helicopter lawmen, to sweep Pinal County and keep going south until all foreigners are run out of our state. But although you can plan international highways there’s never any money for securing our border.

Sonni Hunt | Kingman


Fourth of July: The Mummification of America

In 1952, President Harry S. Truman spoke at the dedication of the National Archives in Washington, D.C., where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were displayed together for the first time. He warned: “The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence can live only as long as they are enshrined in our hearts and minds. If they are not so enshrined, they would be no better than mummies in their glass cases, and they could in time become idols whose worship would be a grim mockery of the true faith.”
His warning merits our attention.

The evidence showing widespread civic illiteracy continues to mount. Particularly worrisome is the gradual abdication at our colleges and universities of the responsibility to educate the next generation of citizens.

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni has been surveying general education requirements for our What Will They Learn? initiative. The results, so far, are alarming:
Nationally, less than 15 percent of the colleges and universities surveyed require their students to take a survey class in American history or government.

And the picture is particularly ugly at the top: you can graduate from any of the top 20 national universities, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report, without having taken a single broad course in American history or government.

America is united—not by blood or ethnicity like other countries—but by the ideas expressed in our Founding Documents. It is these ideas that have shaped and guided this country over the course of more than two centuries. We cannot afford to forget them.

ACTA’s initiative has received national coverage, and been featured in more than 100 newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the education blog of The New York Times. To find out more, visit

David Azerrad | Senior Researcher | American Council of Trustees and Alumni |
Washington, D.C.


Sound strike rings hollow

As various artists, musicians and entertainers jump on the boycott bandwagon to protest Arizona's new immigration law, Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen questioned the motives of an industry who also suffers from those who ignore the laws of the land.

"So often we hear celebrities weigh in on political issues of which they lack a fundamental understanding of the issue," said Chairman Pullen.  "While they are certainly entitled to express their opinion, I would expect that they would at least have one that is consistent.  Musicians and artists justifiably complain about copyright infringement and those who willfully ignore the law when it comes to stealing intellectual property.  Is it beyond reason to expect citizens and foreign visitors to abide by federal law when it comes to immigration policy?"

According to various news reports, a group of entertainers have joined together to boycott Arizona in protest of SB 1070.  Whether or not the artists actually had scheduled shows in Arizona remains unclear and unreported.

"It's surprising that these people are so out of touch with the overwhelming numbers of Americans that support the bill," continued the Chairman.  "With such high-profile acts such as the Jesus Chainsaw Massacre, Los Faggots and Anti-Flag, I'll be surprised if all our concert halls and entertainment venues don't immediately close their doors.

"I would argue that our situation is similar to having someone sneak into their concert without a ticket," said the Chairman.  "I'm curious if these artists sing a different tune when it comes to security at their shows.  Nowadays, concert security search people more thoroughly than Border Patrol.  Seems a bit hypocritical to me.

"I respect their right to oppose the federal law that will now be enforced in Arizona," said Pullen.  "But with nearly two dozen of other states considering implementing the measure, where they are going to play?  Canceling non-existent shows in Arizona is one thing, but backing out of real gigs?  Now that would be sending a message to the fans who support your livelihood."

Arizona Republican Party |

Thank you!!

Dear Sonoran News, Thank you for featuring our Flamenco del Sol munecas (dolls) on your cover!  We had a tremendous turn-out this morning.  Several said they found out about the free event via your paper!  As soon as we completed our performance, I happened to drive past your offices ... so I stepped in to thank the gentleman who was there.  The library was pleased – as was the audience – not to mention us, the performers.  We had people smiling, dancing and energized as they exited – which is our objective – and we hope folks will return to the library to read, read, read!


Deanne Poulos | Herlinda Lopez | Flamenco del Sol