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Arizona Republic and ‘migrants’ • ‘Soft spoken lioness’


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I can’t believe that with sinking circulation and probable financial losses the Arizona Republic would continue to propagandize the illegal alien issue. If they can read down there, over 70 percent of Arizona citizens support SB 1070 and they should have a public voice. The Republic denies any coverage except an occasional letter to the editor.

For a long time now they have corrupted the dictionary and even legal phrases like “illegal alien” have become “undocumented immigrants.”

Their headlines speak of “migrants” and “immigrants” when illegal alien is proper and exactly what they are writing about. The Arizona Republic has conferred citizenship and legal residency by the use of improper phrases. They snare legal immigrants who did it the hard way with criminals that breach our sovereign borders. If you buy the Republic’s rhetoric, you would assume the illegals are legal and the Republic knows it. It is called propaganda and they deliberately include citizens in the same group with illegals.

These Arizona Republic headlines are a lense into their antics:
“Migrant law has ripple effect,” accompanied with a picture and a cutline, which says, “Adriana Miranda, an undocumented immigrant, tearfully says she is leaving Arizona.”
Let’s hope she takes her anchor babies with her.

The above article is above the fold on the front page and accompanies another article, this one by propagandist Daniel Gonzales whose focus is always pro illegal alien.

“Many migrants, legal and illegal, say they are planning to leave the state.” His lead sentence was, “Adrianna Miranda leaned against the door frame and started to sob.” Twice on the same page above the fold we get the sob story. Gonzalez didn’t tell us whether to cry with her now or later.

Exactly why should we think a person who is a burglar for illegally breaking into our country deserves a moment of pity?

This sort of scheming propaganda is repeated daily and still the Republic brass wonders why their circulation drops deepening their losses.

Gonzalez’s lack of balanced reporting is obvious by who he quotes. He says Phoenix resident (and probable anchor baby) Javier Collazo is concerned about being caught transporting illegals since his inlaws are not citizens.

So, don’t do it! If you are a citizen behave like one.

Then a little editorializing, “Not just illegal immigrants are leaving, and the sudden loss of large numbers of people could hurt the states already dismal economy.”

Then another Hispanic, Jose Mendez, a professor at ASU who claims SB 1070 will hurt the Arizona economy.

And another, state senator Richard Miranda allegedly said all minorities are concerned.

Phoenix resident Adamaris, who is illegal, wouldn’t give her last name and is waiting for two months to see if the law survives legal challenges.

Green card carrier John Zavala says he may leave Arizona. I hope the door doesn’t hit him on his way out.

Note all the Hispanics he quoted. He did, to be fair, also mention a discussion with state Rep. John Kavanagh, R - Fountain Hills, who is a strong supporter of SB 1070.

In this four-day series praising the illegals there was a front page, above the fold, picture of landlord Rollie Rankin of Peoria hugging Vanessa Sanchez whose parents are leaving for Pennsylvania because of SB 1070.

Below that is a Gonzalez article headlined, “As migrants leave, businesses suffer” and in huge print and bolded, “THE FALLOUT.” The article redundant in many ways with the one above continues on page A7 for more than a half page.

On June 30, front page above the fold, there is a headline and picture. The headline reads, “SB 1070 exodus pushing problem to other states.” It was written, of course, by the czar of propaganda, Daniel Gonzalez but with long time reporter Dan Nowicki. The added headline is the Republic dream, “Without national migrant reform, similar laws may spread across U.S.”

Yes, they will spread, and there is no need for “national reform.” All that is needed is enforcement, real enforcement. Anyone, including Obama, who seeks national reform, is seeking amnesty.

But the picture, oh that picture, is another sob story in itself. The picture cutline reads: “Alondra Rosario, 21 months, holds her Arizona ID card. She is a U.S. citizen (anchor baby); her family got her the ID card before the family fled the state for Pennsylvania, ahead of the implementation of SB 1070. The baby is holding an ID card in her little hands.” Sob, sob.

But at the end of the day there may be justice. If 30 or 40 states pass laws similar to SB 1070 that will leave 10 to 20 states for illegals to move to. Won’t those liberal states soon tire of the burden of millions of illegals? If they don’t they deserve the consequences.


Nancy Barto

Barto is a candidate for the state Senate, after promising colleague Ray Barto she would respect his seniority and not run against him.

At a recent forum I attended, she called herself the soft spoken lioness. She may be soft spoken as she fabricates her lies but she is no lioness. Hyena maybe.

I hope you now know HB 2154 with Barto as its sole sponsor. She copied it, but not as written, from a California law. While Arizona home owners on private roads with easements may or may not have maintenance responsibilities depending on easement language, this bill would have made them liable for maintenance expenses regardless.

According to Cave Creek town staff an estimated 25 percent of town residents live on private roads. That equates to about 1,250 people. More statistics are being created, but remember to get the approval of Realtors, Barto allegedly offered to make it effective only in Cave Creek. Apparently that was to satisfy her cohort who blitzed the legislature, even taking house members and their wives to lunch.

There are more reasons to retire this “lioness.”

Stay tuned.