JULY 7, 2010

Cave Creek Film and Art Festival celebrates art

The story of "Painted Possibilities"

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PAINTED POSSIBILITIES BY PHILIP CONTE"I am a member of the Oneida and Mohawk Nations. While growing up, my Grandmother told me stories of when she was young. She experienced many forms of prejudice. Her possibilites were limited as people automatically labeled her as lazy, dirty, and not capable of gaining an education. She worked past this stereotype to represent her people well in becoming a Registered Nurse. She worked in the Intensive Care Unit for over 20 years at a prestigious hospital in Orange County, Calif.

"Painted Possibilities" is a piece that I drew of my little sister to show that even though we are still "painted" or Native American, our "possibilities" are limited no more. We can become whomever and whatever we choose to be in the future by remembering the strength of our past."

~ Philip Conte