JP MaldonadoGuest Editorial

BY J-P. A. MALDONADO | JUNE 30, 2010

Invasion USA

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Our beautiful America has become “Almost America,” as the people of Ft. Hancock, Texas call it. We are experiencing a two-pronged invasion. One is being carried out by drug and human smugglers, who are always armed, and know that, no matter how heinous the crime, they will not be executed in the USA, thanks to a treaty signed between México and the USA exempting Mexicans from the death penalty. Our peace officers are constantly under fire, literally from Latino bandits and metaphorically from ethnic activists. A rock thrown at a Border Patrol agent is as deadly as an AK round, just not as loud. A Pinal County deputy was shot and wounded by a band of smugglers, and a Gilbert Police lieutenant was murdered by a 28 year-old anchor baby.

Yet the armed incursion by bandits is not as insidious as the time bomb ticking in our midst: anchor babies are being popped out every eleven months by 45 year-old grandmothers, their 30 year-old daughters and 15 year-old granddaughters. Where are the fathers? Where they come from, it is a sign of machismo to boast about their procreative feats: their custom is to “find ‘em, f— ‘em, fertilize ‘em and forget ‘em.” The crop amounts to 5.1 anchor babies per single mother, while the US population is breeding at a rate of 1.1 babies per family. No – these invaders are not productive human beings. They choose to live in ethnic barrios, expect to be serviced in Spanish because they refuse to learn the consensual language of their chosen home, and are currently receiving welfare at all levels. We medicate them, feed them, educate them, and deal with them in Spanish. They do not consider themselves Americans, but rather Mexicans living and “working” (right – in the underground cash market!) in the USA. They keep their customs, language and traditions, and spit on the flag of the USA. And woe to the official who dares take action against this monumental fraud! The usual gaggle of communists, Hispanic activists and lawyers from Atheists, Communists, and Liberal Unamericans (ACLU) goes on the warpath at the mere suggestion of controlling the ticking bomb.

The runaway simultaneous procreation by three generations of very fecund single mothers will create a majority of Hispanic (mainly Mexican) voters who will begin voting within two generations. And guess how these illegal aliens or anchor babies will vote? Of course, for the cow with the biggest udder! Our Republic, language and traditions are close to death. The entire Southwest will become a de facto, if not de jure, extension of México. The official language will be a variation of Spanish; graft and patronage will be the way of doing business; the Mexican flag will fly above, or altogether replace, Old Glory.

In the meantime, male offspring, both foreign-born and anchor babies, continue to find social refuge in street gangs. When I arrived in July 1974 from an extended period of foreign residency in Latin America, I became acutely aware of the Spanish surnames mentioned in crime reports. No, I am NOT “Hispanic,’ which is a political creation of social engineers (are Jamaicans, Bermudians and typical Americans catalogued as “Anglics,” because they speak the same language? I think not).  Being of European Spanish (specifically Sephardic) bloodline, I have become sensitized to the fact that eighty-four percent (84%) of the names listed in crime statistics are Spanish. No, nor Spaniards. Not Argentines. Not Chileans. Not Uruguayans. They are predominantly of Mexican and Salvadorian origin, either illegal aliens – sorry: I meant Undocumented Democrats and anchor babies. Considering “Hispanics” in Arizona constitute 30 to 35% of the population, doesn’t an 84% criminal share seem a bit excessive? Of course, we do not get this data from the Gannett conglomerate, which includes The Arizona Republic and television’s Channel 12. Out of painfully political correctness, they report, “Police are looking for two men between the ages of 19 and 25; one is 5’5 tall and weighs 220 pounds; the other is 5’2’ tall and weighs 190 pounds. Both have black hair and brown eyes.”  Hey, Gannett: are we looking for Asians? Inuit? Norwegians? Polynesians? How about a little hint, so we don’t unnecessarily harass Lee, Ookpik, Ole or Lakanuki?

Some wags joke that Arizona’s Hispanic community agitators have taken Fox News to task for not including a higher percentage of Latinos in their programming so, being sensitive to this burning social issue, Fox is now running “COPS” and “America’s Most Wanted” twice a week …

I see no solution to the ticking ethnic bomb. Politicians and ladies of the night are whelped in the same litters, and will do whatever is necessary to survive. The armed invasion we can handle: there will be a time when we have had enough, and volunteers will assume the prone position at high points overlooking the border (not the northern one) to pick off armed invaders. We did it in 1776, and the spirit lives on.

Latin: “I will survive!”