JUNE 23, 2010

Free Family Flamenco Show at Cave Creek Library in July

Monday, July 5, 10:45 a.m.
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A stay-cation offer to travel around Spain at your local library! Flamenco del Sol Spanish dance ensemble presents Viva España, A Journey Through Spain. Professional dancers Herlinda Lopez and Deanne Poulos perform … and they introduce the 5 - 6 year-old Muñecas (“Dolls”) of Flamenco del Sol.

The 5 - 6 year-old Muñecas (“Dolls”)
of Flamenco del Sol, Kaitlyn King,
Maya Clarke and Trinity Norman.

Courtesy Photo
Young and young-at-heart who attend are encouraged to interact. Enjoy dances, rhythms, music, castanets and costumes from various regions of Spain. This one-hour tour is free for the entire family! Ole!

The Desert Foothills Library is located at 38443 N. Schoolhouse Rd., Cave Creek. For more information call 480-488-2286.