Home-schooling: Students’ views

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We’ve looked at the government’s requirements for and parents’ thoughts on home-schooling, but what about the students’ opinions?

Because I have been home-schooled since kindergarten, I cannot compare and contrast my home-school experiences with public school, but I am liable to declare I truly enjoy being home-schooled. Although I, like many home-schoolers, have wondered what our lives would have been like if we had been placed in public school, I believe that because I am home-schooled I have enjoyed great academic advantages. I am not implying that if I was in public school, I would not have been given these opportunities; I am merely stating that because I am home-schooled, my mom’s increased involvement in my education has driven me to higher academic achievement.

Having a parent as a teacher as opposed to a stranger really makes a difference, in my opinion. I find that my mom motivates me more than a teacher might motivate a student in a public school setting.

There are other home-schooled students who find their online teachers to be better education providers as compared to their parents.

Megan and Nicole Valcic from Cave Creek, once educated at home, are currently enrolled in an online home-schooling program. Both find their new teachers to be helping them more than their mom had, who was busy with four kids and a baby at the time. Nicole even affirms, “I feel like I’m learning a lot more than when my mom was teaching us.” Both teens feel content about not being placed in public school.

For busy parents, online schooling is a great alternative to admitting your kids to public school. According to Megan, “I really like being home-schooled.” Home-schooling is an enjoyable exception.

The three of us find that home-schooling allows a more flexible schedule and independent work style which we appreciate. Of course, Megan, Nicole and I can’t speak for all home-schoolers, but we can provide a general understanding of the opinions of a home-schooled student.