JUNE 2 – 8, 2010

Your View

I read the Your View from a former Kiwanis member and I could have written it. I left for the same reasons. It has been taken over by a bunch of political morons. To read a list of candidates for offices and ask for a verbal vote (no privacy) is lunacy. It is a third world vote, not one based on our constitution. Also I don’t believe anyone should be qualified for Kiwanis office, let alone the presidency, if they are on Carefree council. Susan Vanik should step down from the council or the presidency. Can you spell conflict of interest?

I agree with Jim Pierce’s letter to the editor, online last week. I too am both mystified and pissed that two good old boys would mess with the direct election of the mayor. That was a legitimate public vote and who are these people to change it. Wayne Fulcher has been totally discredited and should leave town, like Ed Morgan did. And speaking of Morgan, the other guy is Don Snyder, probably Morgan’s closest buddy. I don’t care if anyone becomes mayor with 30 percent of the vote, as long as it isn’t a good old boy.

From what I read Obama is in trouble and I hope the Republicans have the gonads to finish the job.

I just wish the racists who complain about SB 1070 would demonstrate at home. I know they spend money here but we have more than our share of them already. I hope they are fleeing the state and leave permanently in July. Maybe our son can get his job back and our Medicaid expenses will drop. Maybe access to the emergency rooms will open up too?

I am sorry the Suns won. I had hoped for a Lakers’ sweep. I was a Sun’s fan but after Sarver and Nash sounded off without reading SB 1070 they changed my attitude completely. Who do they think they are? My wife said it is only a game, but I love basketball and in spite of stupid sounds coming from LA note Coach Jackson said the bill was fine. That is enough for me. Go Lakers!

I am so delighted to see Dr. Dave again. I read one online and the most recent one was printed. I think his humor is wonderful and so are the health hints he gives us. After reading the second column I am convinced I need his book. I’ll be at Pages as soon as I can get to Cave Creek.

I saw Ward Connerly’s column in your (May 19 online) edition and am delighted he, as a black man, finds nothing discriminatory in the (SB 1070) new law. I know he would say what does black have to do with it and I would say opponents are making a big thing about color and race. I would love to hear from conservative Hispanics – are there any?

I read the long rant in last week’s issue at Sonorannews.com. Although I didn’t disagree with a single word it takes up space that I as a frequent contributor can use. Can you edit them down? Or stick to your promise to keep them short? Even better they should be letters to the editor and use “Name withheld.”
Ed note: We did apologize about the length under the “rant” but you make good points.

As a fairly new Cave Creek citizen I very much appreciate your civics lesson about the shuttered (Hammerhead Jacks) restaurant and the next door property. I drive by there several times each day and had no idea of all the intrigue. A neighbor had already primed me a little about Thorstenson’s property and I was thinking why not, until I read your article. If it gets to a vote I’ll vote no. Thank you so much.

Can't help but notice how much Janet Napolitano and Elena Kagan both hold a strong resemblance to Lou Costello (for you youngsters, of Abbott & Costello fame). The difference being that Lou Costello played the part of a bumbling fool while the two look-a-likes actually are bumbling fools.

Napolitano must be given special credit for her sterling performance as she stumbles around as head of Homeland Security and refuses to uphold OUR LAWS to protect our borders.

Kagan, the erstwhile Supreme Court Justice, has only defied Federal Law when she refused to allow the military to recruit on the Harvard Campus. But she's enough of a Marxist to garner more points in the future. As an after thought, what the hell was the U.S. military thinking? I guess they weren't aware Harvard no longer allows patriots, warriors and brave souls as part of the "student" body. Their "strength" lies in supplying us with hordes of useless ACLU attorneys and dirtbags to serve as legal counsel to ACORN.

So the banditos have struck again. By the time they are finished, all our businesses will have been robbed. It would be great to see one of Linda Bentley’s pictures of the perpetrators in stripes and shackles. Dare we hope?

Thanks Linda! The (front page) story about ATLAH is a giant step towards getting the White house cleared of Chicago bums. Your research was superb, the results speak for themselves. Dr. Manning is a real patriot – if only the phony in the White House was.

I have clipped and saved Mr. Canfield’s (front page) color “cartoon” of a vet. It brought tears to my eyes. So many wars, so many dead. Will it ever end?