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What I read • Vote for J.D.


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I have been asked why I continue to subscribe to the Arizona Republic since I hold it in such low esteem. That is not a simple question.

At one level I sympathize with a first amendment expression being a reason for not reading a paper. Secondly, there is worthwhile material if you read carefully and with a degree of skepticism knowing the newspaper’s slant.

canfield cartoonA popular phrase is often used, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

I view the Arizona Republic as way left, nowhere near center. I view Sonoran News as middle right and our banner proudly asserts we are the, “Conservative Voice of Arizona."

Conservative interpretation is nowhere in daily newspapers. We give it local expression (46,000 homes and businesses) and also world-wide through our web page. Feedback from readers tells us we have a large and appreciative audience.

I have been asked about what I read by both fans and critics.

I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, which cannot be placed as left or right. Although it has some good conservative news and editorials I detest its anti-gun stand and equivocation about our borders and enforcement of immigration. I assume it is left in so many areas because it is in New York.

I subscribe to the weekly edition of the Washington Times, one of the few dailies that is outright conservative. The same goes for NewsMax where you will find many articles which never see the light of day in the nationwide glut of liberal newspapers.

I have read Bill Buckley’s National Review for many years. Mostly conservative thought if you don’t mind referring to a dictionary regularly since NR writers seem to try to outdo each other in the use of little- known words. But I have never ceased to be incensed about Buckley’s over the top support of giving the Panama Canal back even though we legally purchased it. New York flavor seeps in there too.

Reason is a Libertarian magazine I subscribe to. I was challenged in the late 1990s to join the Libertarian party and I left my life-long Republican party. That lasted a year or two and in so doing I realized, in most cases, I was throwing away votes to weak candidates. But, more importantly, Libertarian dogma is for open borders and I can’t go there.

Nonetheless, Reason has provocative articles and seeing the world through their eyes has value.

Now my registration is Independent.

Then there is the New Yorker. I got a smoking deal on a subscription. I was doubtless influenced by my dear and now deceased friend Ray Brolley who was a life long reader and often sent me clippings of articles and cartoons.

Some articles are splendid and some I skip. It is New York all the way.

I will never forget a cartoon from the New Yorker Brolley sent me, probably in the 50s.
It was a single frame cartoon with a buxom woman lounging in her negligee, in bed. Coming through the door is a man in pants and undershirt, with dangling suspenders, belly hanging over his trousers, cigarette dangling from his lips and a large breakfast tray in his hands. The probable blonde (it was in black and white) said, “Louie, you are a goddamn jewel!”

Then there is Phoenix Magazine, which is very liberal and since it lost its token conservative writer I am about to give it up, although there are a few good Arizona articles in it.

You might think Vanity Fair is a glamour magazine and it is to some extent. Although you will find liberal thought sprayed here and there, magazine-article length stories appear that are superb and hold your attention like a good novel should. But they aren’t novels; they are usually about a range of things happening now or historically. Writers in this magazine are excellent.

I won’t bore you with the plethora of health and nutrition newsletters I read, but I find time for a half-dozen or so.

That is about all I find time to read, at home.

It is telling the Wall Street Journal recently reported it increased circulation, made money and is now the largest newspaper in the world. It didn’t take new owner Rupert Murdoch long to put the New York Times in its place.

Murdoch is ridiculed by the left about Fox News as well and disputes its slogan of “fair and balanced,” but it is and its competition isn’t.

Murdoch isn’t just an ideologue, he is a business man. Remember, he held a fund raiser for Hillary Clinton during the Democrat primaries in the last election. The only thing I can say about that is he chose a loser and, in spite of her own dishonesty, she would have been a cut above the imposter now in the White House.

So, the continued slide of newspapers in America could be reversed by a balance, by presenting both sides, by presenting real news instead of propaganda.

Don’t look for that to happen. The deck is rigged. Journalism schools devote their teaching to diversity, global thought and governing and everybody is a racist, except them of course.
Also telling is that over 90 percent of college professors are registered democrats, and that means liberal. So what do they teach?


If you Google “number of journalists that are Democrat” you will find most articles give Democrats a ten to one advantage.

Is it any wonder Obama got massive passes from the print and TV media? And because Sen. John McCain considered himself a pet of the media he forbade discussion concerning whether Obama was a legally eligible candidate or not as well as his 20-year church attendance listening to a racist whack job, friends and terrorist Bill Ayres, etc.

Why is Obama spending millions to hide any glimpse of him? Because he is hiding information that would kick him out of the White House.

Thank you Democrat journalists and John McCain.

Vote for J.D Hayworth!