MAY 26 - JUNE 1, 2010

Your View

News report reads, "Industrial models in factories are now standard, but recently Japanese companies are making a push to inject robots into everyday life." Locally Carefree leads the way with its mayor's strings pulled by the GOB mob.

"I pledge resistance, to the Czar,
of the Divided States of America,
and to the Communism for which he stands.
One socialist, without God, divisible,
with healthcare and welfare for all."
~ Anonymous American

No wonder the Dems are evaluating an endorsement from Obama and Biden. Near as I can figure, Obama and Biden are 0 for 4 with their personal endorsements in recent months. Creigh Deeds, their endorsed candidate for the governor of Virginia, lost. Jon Corzine, the then governor of New Jersey, lost. Then there was the high visibility race for Sen. Ed Kennedy’s Massachusetts senate seat where Scott Brown beat the Obama and Biden endorsed Martha Coakley. Now, with the personal endorsement of Obama and Biden, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania lost his Democrat, or was it Republican, senate seat. These two, fortunately, have no coat tails.

I left Carefree Kiwanis several years ago. I was fed up with the politics there and the takeover by unsavory members. Today I was driving down Tom Darlington and saw their sign about their flea market. That reminded me of the fact that those moral Kiwanians took it upon themselves to take flea market items (I call it stealing) or work out an insider deal to buy at greatly reduced prices. Charity begins at the Kiwanis meeting it seems. If you have items to give away or sell you will be doing the community a favor if you donate to any number of legitimate non-profits, churches, consignment stores or friends. Don’t further their greed.

I agree with Scott Dahne in your past online issue; read Sonoran News and cancel the Repulsive. I came to that conclusion before reading Scott’s letter to the editor but the last straw was their coverage of SB 1070. Their coverage bordered on treason and I never want to read another propaganda piece by Daniel Gonzalez. Now my goal is to help you get back to weekly. I enjoy your online issue but being of the old school I love printed material as long as it isn’t printed in Phoenix. Keep up the splendid work.

I signed on the local movie as an extra and got an inside view about movies being made. I hope to see Queens of Country when it comes out because all I saw being filmed was chaos. How they can cut and fit what was filmed to a movie script is beyond me. Anyway, it looked like good business for Cave Creek for awhile, then I can go back to being unemployed.

Your (online) guest editorialist, Ward Connery is one of the best and one I could vote for any office including the presidency. I was delighted that he is favorable towards SB 1070 especially since he lives in California. I voted for his initiative, which unfortunately was defeated thanks to a bunch of lying outsiders that invaded our state and terrorized voters much like the invasion of illegal aliens whining about SB 1070. (I) hope to see more articles by him.

From what I read online Arizona is getting great respect across the country for having the courage to go after illegal aliens and their illegal teaching in Tucson. I agree with Sonoran News that it never would have happened without Russell Pearce. He is a man we can all be proud of as a real honest to God patriot. It angers me that the Arizona Republic takes a negative view about righteous laws. I hope they go away.

I can’t believe the 18 percent tax increase passed. No one I talked to said they favored it but they must have stayed home. This law is so basic to recovery of our poor economic standing that it will delay recovery for a long time. Governor Jan Brewer earned my total lack of support to keep her in office. I will vote for anyone who has a chance to beat her. If she thinks we will take it lying down she is mistaken, and I will go to the black market or out of state for purchases. If I had kids I would home school them. Public schools are greedy tax feeding monsters and their unions were basic to the passing of Proposition 100.

The los Suns are two games from losing and I am delighted. In spite of the fact they are playing the Los Angeles Lakers I hope those scum bags are tromped. Sarver, Kerr and the Furriner Steve Nash have the audacity to crap all over SB 1070 without reading the script. Dumb and dumber jocks. I’m glad I never was a season ticket holder. It is easy to just imagine they don’t exist.

So they agreed 3-2 to close Desert Arroyo. How stupid is that? Typical of those so-called educators that couldn’t hit their butts with both hands. I am disgusted that parents didn’t revolt with signs and recall petitions. Three school board members and Superintendent Debbie Burdick need to be gone. I wish Proposition 100 had failed. I would love to see more of those losers on the street.