Your View | May 19 - May 25, 2010

Thanks ... I was looking for an alternative to the liberal Arizona Republic and found your newspaper. It is now bookmarked for the future. Keep up the good work.

On May, 7, the Court Martial trial of Navy Seal, and AMERICAN HERO, Petty Officer 2nd Class Matthew McCabe was found NOT GUILTY. Now one has to wonder if the Jackass-in-Chief and head Muslim kissing nimrod occupying the Oval Office will come out with a statement stating how pleased he is with the outcome of this trial and join with REAL Americans in a sense of relief and joy. He should at least try ... with any luck he'll choke on his words.

Spring has sprung and it’s time for us to give our wildlife a break and yield for them when they are trying to cross the road, especially when they have their babies. It’s so important this time of year to give them a chance to survive. Please be careful out there. Don’t forget to check the pavement temperatures before you expect your four legged friends to take a walk on the streets these days because it’s going to get a lot warmer on their pads. Take good care and have a nice spring.

News headline: "Senate Approves Debit-Card Swipe-Fee Limits." Nothing like the threat of being voted out of office to get Congress to toss the public a bone.

I have decided that the United States and particularly Arizona’s greed will be the demise of us. While some are calling it a 'human rights issue', to me it is greed that is over-riding the people of this states willingness to get criminals out and protect our lives and those of our children! It is not being dramatic or prejudice! People are dying while the laws to protect them are being ignored! If there are 10 illegal aliens in Phoenix that can kill, rob, rape, or sell drugs, isn't that 10 too many!!?? And you know there are more than 10!-Look at their economic conditions! They are all breaking the law! Does our society work on the degree of offense now!? Selling drugs is not as bad as rape or molesting a child?! Robbing our homes isn't as bad as if the house is dirty!? Murder isn't as bad if the landscaping is beautiful?! It all sounds pretty ridiculous doesn't it?? Well, isn't this the trade off?? We either kowtow to the illegal aliens or the Republicans can't win a vote (not meant to be political, I quit voting when our ballots came covered in Spanish!!), homes aren't clean, the yards are a mess and oh, don't forget, who would build our disposable homes!?? How about United States citizens doing the work!!!? Everyone is so arrogant about how other countries are taking the jobs so get off your butt and do them!! We're seeing children who think their net worth is so high they are too good for meager labor!! Years ago the immigrants came here for a better life and conformed to that life, not the other way around. The illegals want Arizona to conform to them, and look what has happened to California for doing that!!! If this state and country doesn't wake up, we will become lower than a 3rd world country economically – If we survive at all!

Not all hard working illegal aliens are robbers, drug dealers, killers or molesters, but they all are illegal. So if we aren't going to enforce the immigration laws, what's the next law that we ignore??? If the illegals want to work here show some respect to this country and stop dragging our flag in the street! Enter the right way if you want to be here! Conform to Arizona, not the other way around! There is so much Spanish on labels, directions and signs that I can't even find the English! By the way, if you can't read English or speak it, you have no right to vote either! Try to find English signs, words and labels and the right to vote down south of the border, I dare you!! I am so sick of paying for the illegal aliens with my tax dollars and them ramming their demand for rights down my throat! What is wrong with that picture!? And to the legal Hispanics who aren't willing to speak out against the illegals, take some of them with you when you leave my country!! Oh and one last thing. This idea of profiling is asinine too! If it would have been a handful of white terrorist whack jobs that destroyed the World Trade Center and Pentagon, you can bet your burritos white people wouldn't care if they were pulled over all day long and asked for our IDs, just get the SOBs that killed our citizens! So call it prejudice at this point I don't care! I love my country and I'm trying to love my state! I just want them to stop knowingly putting me in harms way! Legal is legal, illegal is not!

Editor note: If this wasn’t so clearly the message Arizona is sending to the Obama administration with SB1070, we would not print something this long. Please keep these short.

Shouldn't people stop referring to this piece of garbage Healthcare "reform" package as ObamaCare and start calling it what it actually is … ObamaDoesn'tCare

I found the dialog at the budget meeting most interesting. Just who is mayor in Carefree; Miller or Schwan? It certainly appeared Miller was in charge.