Dr. Dave

By Dr. Dave Hepburn | May 19, 2010

dr daveWhenever I have to take a flight, I, being a Scot, usually go coach ... on points ... preferably someone else’s points. But as I head back to the cattle car to huddle with the great unwashed (even though I personally shower every Wednesday, usually), I have to pass those in business class as they recline in peace, their feet soaking in a Grecian urn of rose water, having already feasted on pheasant femurs and unicorn nectar as wee Asian lasses knead their necks. More...

Five myths about a bipolar diagnosis

By Hilary Smith | May 19, 2010

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Dealing with a bipolar diagnosis is hard. Dealing with parents, friends, and relatives who have slightly, er, misguided notions about what having bipolar entails can be even harder. You can help someone who is dealing with mental illness for the first time by being open, understanding, and well-informed—and by nixing any false beliefs and assumptions you have about bipolar. More...