Vol. 16 Issue No. 20 | May 19 – 25, 2010

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Green Committee dissolves to promote a free and open discussion

By Linda Bentley | May 19, 2010

Cave Creek adopts tentative budget of $24.5 million for FY 2011
patrick gradyCAVE CREEK – Mayor Vincent Francia asked that Dissolution of the Green Advisory Committee be pulled from the consent agenda so it could be addressed separately.

Patrick Grady, chairman of the committee, explained that the committee wanted to convert itself from a town committee to a Green Advisory Group to continue to advance its sustainability agenda. 
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The People v. Columbia and Obama trial convenes in Harlem church

By Linda Bentley | May 19, 2010

atlah church in harlemATLAH, N.Y. – Dr. James David Manning has renamed Harlem “ATLAH,” a name “given to him by Almighty God” on Sept. 14, 1991, which means “the land where the people shall walk barefoot, because the land is holy ground.”

Manning got the world’s attention through his animated videos posted on YouTube condemning Obama, whom he refers to repeatedly as the “long-legged Mac Daddy,” which means “top pimp.” 
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Nine indicted for unauthorized access of Obamaís student loan records

By Linda Bentley | May 19, 2010

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin hearing scheduled for June 11
DAVENPORT, IOWA – On May 12, Andrew J. Lage, Patrick E. Roan, Sandra Teague, John P. Phommivong, Gary N. Grenell, Lisa Torney, Julie Lynn Kline and Mercedes Costoyas were indicted by a federal grand jury and charged with one count each of exceeding authorized computer access, a misdemeanor, while Anna C. Rhodes was charged with two counts.  More...

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