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By Don Sorchych | May 12, 2010

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Don Sorchych

The liberal view

The Arizona Republic is in its glory. One issue after another in sloppy ways are condemning SB 1070. It and others like it are not reading polls or they think they are above public opinion.

Most recently, on May 5, the headline read, “Los Suns making a statement,” Then the sub head read, “Team wearing special jerseys tonight to protest immigration law.”

And exactly who gives a rap what the Suns think, since they don’t think. They are reactionary empty-headed jocks. I can only hope the 70 percent of Arizonians who are against illegal aliens and for SB 1070 cancel their season tickets and stay away from Suns’ games. Let them go south of the border and play.

Jocks are a lot like Hollywood “Stars,” overpaid and clueless and so is the Sun’s owner, Robert Sarver.

Sarver was quoted as saying SB 1070 wasn’t the way to handle “the immigration problem.” Earth to Sarver: SB 1070 is about illegal immigration, you jerk. Then he said the bill was “mean spirited.” Then so is federal law which SB 1070 emulates. He can say that kind of nonsense and be heralded by the Republic.

Later in the article Sarver said he wanted to honor the diversity of his team.


Then three paragraphs were burned for Suns Co-Captain Steve Nash who has a green card. He calls SB 1070 an infringement on our civil liberties. Our civil liberties? He is not an American and is eating at our trough. Send him home. His ramble isn’t worth publishing.

Then the headlines, created to mislead, in classic Chinese torture water drip method, the Republic drips and drips into your subconscious liberal assaults on your otherwise thoughtful brain. You can see how successful they will be by chatting with a recent public school graduate. All “feeling” and no thought.

Here is a sample of rigged headlines:

“Civil disobedience vowed.” “Opposition against new law mounting outside Arizona.” “Arizona law leads feds to weigh rare legal fight.” “U.S laws blamed for migrant deaths.” “Suns owner Sarver exhibits leadership on immigration.” “Sarver’s bold statement alters game 2 focus.” “Fans are divided regarding Suns’ response to new immigration law – Typically mixing sports and politics is a bad idea but … there are some things you just have to stand up for. (The Suns) have a right to do something and we have the right to support it … That’s what America is about.” “Mayor still pushing suit, Gordon says he can sue over immigration bill without council’s ok.” “’Los Suns’ making a statement; Team wearing special jerseys tonight to protest immigration law.” “Migrant law has ripple effect.” “Many migrants, legal and illegal say they’re planning to leave state.”

There are dozens more, but you get the idea – drip, drip, drip.

Perhaps their most flamboyant use of SB 1070 was on Sunday, May 2. In that issue an extra front page labeled “Editorial” had a full page liberal rant.

The essence of it was the need, in their jaundiced view for “comprehensive” reform, which is a code word for amnesty. Migrant is the Republic’s word for illegal alien, although it compounds its inaccuracies by overuse of “immigration” when it is talking about ILLEGAL immigration.

The point is the state essentially copied the federal code, which is fine with no need for “reform” if the feds would just enforce existing laws, which includes border protection as well as extraction of illegal aliens.

The Republic reported 79 of 84 letters to them opposed Sarver’s decision. A number of people also reported shredding their season tickets. The 70 percent who are against illegal immigration and therefore support SB 1070 should take it out on the Suns by complete indifference to these sad sacks.

If the Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Suns or Coyotes decide to go viral on such issues then I have a plan for you. There are teams of all sports all over the country; pick one or several and support them.

I know it is considered racist to in any way criticize Martin Luther King. I lived through all of his shenanigans and if a civil rights leader was needed there are many in history that would fill the bill better than MLK. But it was the head of the NFL that withheld a Super Bowl in Arizona until an Arizona MLK day was passed. So we have been lead by the nose by sports moguls. We shouldn’t forget who makes or breaks sports teams and it is fans, not players, not coaches and not owners.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if the Suns played to an empty room? Who would pay to advertise the games on television? You know how long that would last before green card holders bail out, go home, and seven footers end up in carnivals?

The issue of being a role model was brought up by ex-Sun player Charles Barkley. He was right in saying that wasn’t his role. Last year he was arrested while conceding he was in a hurry to get oral sex. Whether Barkley wants to be a role model or not, kids emulate sports greats like him. It is beyond disgusting to be subjected to him along with a couple of others at halftime of Suns games.

Barkley is paid by T-Mobile, by the way.

Copy in the Arizona Republic is given to people who have no right being in the country, let alone demanding anything from Americans. I am tired of Mexican flags and attitudes.
Several people have sent in letters which prove Mexico has laws a good deal more intrusive than ours and yet illegals tell us we can’t do what we just did with SB 1070. As far as I am concerned illegals have no voice in this country. Let them go home and have a revolution. They need one.