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America’s Choice:
Arizona or San Francisco

By Sen. Russell Pearce | May 12, 2010

sen. russell pearceI am State Senator Russell Pearce, the author of SB1070 which was signed by Governor Jan Brewer. Fear mongering and misinformation are the tools of the left against this common sense legislation.

Illegal is not a race, it is a crime. SB1070 simply codifies federal law into state law and removes excuses and concerns about states’ inherent authority to enforce these laws and removes all illegal “sanctuary” policies.   More ...

SB 1070 – What to do now

By Pamela Gorman | May 12, 2010

pamela gormanWhat the left really needs now is for those who simply want our federal immigration laws enforced to get riled up by the rallies against SB1070 and come out swinging. My advice? Don’t let them draw you out.

SB1070 only set in state law what was already in federal law. This “codifying” of federal law with mirrored state law is nothing new. There are many instances where we do this at the state level for various reasons, sometimes at the behest of a federal mandate. In this case, Arizona chose to do it out of necessity because the feds simply haven’t put the resources in place to make enforcement of their own laws a priority it needs to be in order to keep Americans safe in Arizona. As a state legislator, I worked on these issues for years and the response from the left is always the same tired rhetoric. Let’s be clear: There is nothing inherently “racist” about securing our borders or giving law enforcement the tools it needs to enforce the rule of law.   More ...