Your View | April 28 - May 4, 2010

Thanks for the heads up. I live on a private road near Mr. Sorchych and recognize the fix (Nancy) Barto’s (R-Rep.) bill (HB 2154) would put me in. I have seen the sign you mentioned for years and wondered what that was all about, now I know and hope you prevail on appeal. I did call the Governor and left a message asking that she veto the bill. I am asking neighbors and friends to do the same. And by the way, so far, if one of we three who share the easement want to do something they typically ask and if they want to and we don’t they foot the bill. I can’t imagine having to pay because some bozo wants what I don’t want.

This happened on a quiet Carefree Street ... A Special Thank You to the Qwest driver who not only understood why I sat in my lane of the road with my hazards on protecting a crossing rattlesnake, but he stopped and used a long pole to aid the rattler safely off the road!! He said he understands how important the snakes are to take care of the rats, and I added the mice too! Qwest should be very proud to have a compassionate and caring person working for them who understands nature! I wish more people thought this way!! What a nice guy! He made my day!! If you chose to print this for me, I thank you too!

I see the hot dog guy has moved again and is now at the car wash. He should be at the center of the town except a CCUSD bureaucrat exercised his control freak nature. I hope the creep has heard of Karma, maybe he will get the ax.
Editor note: Expect to find The Hot Dog Guy in his regular location Tuesday-Friday and Saturday at the car wash.

I would like five minutes in a dark room with the guy that trapped and shot the dog named Roscoe. I guarantee I would walk out alone. They had better throw the book at him. He sure doesn’t belong here.

I thought it was eerie that there was an earthquake shortly after Shari Jo Sorchych’s article about a fault running through here. I felt this one even though it wasn’t huge and I sure hope they don’t get bigger.

What I see in the comparative financials of Cave Creek and Carefree courts is a runaway by Cave Creek, so much lower in costs than Carefree. The discrepancies are huge. Carefree may have dawdled to get Schwan elected now they need to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Sounds like they need some layoffs and salary reductions too.

I always enjoy issues which have you, Becky (Fenger) and (Craig) Cantoni on the editorial page. No one is better than the other. I dare say there are none better in the state and I have read most of them since I travel all over Arizona. It was sad to see you are publishing less often since I am of an age where I love the printed page. My daughter said she would get me an iPad for my birthday and I told her to save the money and send it to you.

It is outrageous that the city of Phoenix put out a calendar that substituted the Islamic New Year for the viscous sneaky and unprecedented Pearl Harbor attack by the Japs. I will never forget it and my Dad was a wounded veteran of that war. I wish I was in Phoenix so I could vote against everyone there.

Dr. Hitchon's wife pointed out that he didn't assist the victim at the town council meeting because since he had not updated his CPR since med school. Since this incident proves that you can have a heart attack anytime, anyplace, I am sure Dr. Hitchon's patients will be thrilled to learn of this lapse.

Thanks Don, I live on a dirt road too and like it that way. I sent an e-mail against HB2154 and your neighbor needs to find a city place and leave Creekers be!

I have the good fortune to have escaped copies of Lynn Hitchon’s raving. However, a friend copied me on a couple of her “truths” and I almost vomited. You have to wonder what the town of Carefree pays her for her propaganda. She would have done Goebbels proud.

I see the closed Roadhouse cum Hammerhead Jacks is in escrow. Sonoran News should hold a contest about what is going there next. I really would like a topless place like your April 1 issue discussed last year. Driving way down to the Candy Store is an expensive use of gas and you have to drive all the way back here after quaffing a couple, an MCSO dream. Keep me in mind – I’ll be there.

If any SOB traps my dog they will have a fight on their hands. It takes a sick individual to do that in this day and age. Sounds like the Michael Vick mentality. There was a rumor the Cardinals were interested in hiring him and there would have gone my season tickets. I hate cowards and anyone who would trap or shoot a dog is asking for big trouble.

HB 1070 is a blessing. The crazies who don’t understand we love this country and want to protect it need to get a clue.