Wow! What's going on in this country?

Arizona has the audacity to enact legislation that makes it against the law to be in the state/country illegally. How dare we! Our Founding Fathers are surely turning in their graves at such a slap at the constitution. This could lead to racial profiling! You will probably be asked to show your drivers license if stopped for a traffic violation! Outrageous! How dare we ask the person who just burglarized your home for identification. What are we? A bunch of Nazis?

I wish we could go back to the good old days before we turned into such horrible racists.
You know, back to the good old days where Americans of Japanese decent were placed in internment camps. And Black Americans were not allowed to drink at the same water fountains as whites.

For all of you who are here illegally, have not followed the path to citizenship, are using someone else' identity and are now screaming about racial profiling. LEAVE. You broke the law when you crept over the border. You broke the law again when you got false or stolen identification. Everything you have done in this country since you set foot on American soil is a lie or against the law. You are a criminal by any interpretation of the law and should be punished.

To Ahmed who tip toed through the tulips over the border. Please don't pick on Arizona. Hell, we let you in the country in the first place.

For those of you Americans that are here from California to protest Arizona or just wish economic harm for our state and its people. Go home.

Scott Haberman | Cave Creek


RidersUSA praises Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for signing into law SB1070

RidersUSA congratulates Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for her solid leadership in signing SB1070. Her signature on the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act” gives Arizona an opportunity to partially remedy the failure of the federal government’s enforcement of immigration laws. Furthermore, it sets the example for other states facing similar problems.

Costs – Illegal immigration costs the State of Arizona in excess of $1 Billion annually even after you factor in the tax remittances from illegals. SB1070 will discourage migrants from coming to Arizona illegally and reduce the need for higher taxes to pay for programs that their presence requires.

Dispelling the fear – Opponents believe that the Hispanic community will be living in fear once this is enacted. This simply is NOT true. Those living in Arizona legally, regardless of their Country of origin, should have no fear of SB 1070. RidersUSA, along with the majority of Arizonans, believe there is nothing wrong with our immigration laws serving as a deterrent for illegal activity.

Racism and hate – Supporters of SB1070 have at times, been labeled as haters and racists. Again, this is patently NOT TRUE. Opponents of the new law use these labels because they have difficulty winning a debate with groups like RidersUSA, who support legal immigration.
Tim Rafferty, President of RidersUSA, said “I expect to see other states following Arizona’s SB1070 just as they did with Arizona’s Employers Sanctions Law. Because it was carefully crafted, SB1070 should easily withstand any court challenges that might be filed. This legislation is a win for legal residents of all colors. It is another step towards a path to return America to the rule of law. ”

RidersUSA is a non-profit Corporation dedicated to educating the public about issues affecting the Sovereignty of the United States.

Riders United for a Sovereign America |


April 1 and nary a word

April 1, 2010 was the 65th anniversary of the invasion of Okinawa, it commenced on Easter Sunday, April 1, 1945. The significance is that we, the United States of America, sustained the highest number of casualties in this 83 day battle than in any WWII engagement. In fact, only Civil War Battles exceeded the losses sustained in Okinawa. Yet, there is no mention of this epic battle in the media, there is no national remembrance of the last land battle of WWII. Our forces had 12,513 killed in action and 38,916 wounded. The fleet in support of this action far exceeded the fleet supporting the Normandy invasion. There were five U.S. Army divisions and three Marine divisions utilized to defeat the Japanese on Okinawa. The U.S. Navy incurred the highest number of killed in action, 4,907. Most of these men were lost to the Japanese Kamikaze attacks which sunk 36 U.S. ships and damaged 368. The U.S. Army had 4,176 men killed in action and the Marines suffered 3,430 men killed. There were 560 Naval Medical Corps personnel killed in Okinawa. The United States lost 763 aircraft in the battle.

The Japanese losses were staggering: 110,071 Naval and Army personnel killed and 7,401 captured. Most of the captured were Korean and Okinawan laborers. Japan’s Navy had 16 ships sunk and 4 damaged; their aircraft losses were enormous – 7,830 destroyed.

The civilian losses were equally staggering; over 100,000 civilians killed and over 90 percent of all the buildings on the island were destroyed. There were mass suicides by the Japanese military and the civilian population. Many jumped to their deaths off of steep cliffs into the sea on the southwest end of the island.

The combined deaths in the battle for Okinawa exceeded the total casualties in the atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I am writing this to honor my fellow Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen and Marines who have been forgotten by the media and their countrymen. The WWII generation is about to pass into history. Let us not forget them.

George A. Ross, LTCOL USMC (RET) | Cave Creek


Constitutional carry

Governor Brewer has finally signed the bill that recognizes – not "licenses" – Zonies' constitutional right to self-protection. No, there will not be a "bloodbath" or anything of the sort. Life will continue as it has: gangbangers have carried, are carrying, and will continue to carry concealed firearms, but there will be more law-abiding citizens around to trump them and – yes – take them down if required for self-protection and the protection of others. There will be fewer VBCs (Victims By Choice) in the Grand Canyon State. Law-enforcement officials will not be further endangered, as they already treat any traffic stop as if the driver were armed (traffic stops are the second most hazardous scenario, after domestic disturbances).

As a Right to Carry (CCW) instructor for AZDPS, I agree with that eminent firearms rights authority, Alan Korwin, that responsible citizens will still seek gunnery training in order to abide by the law and carry responsibly. I don't want gangbangers, illegal alien invaders, spouse-beaters or felons in my class; just citizens who wish to learn about the law, prohibitions, cover and concealment, tactical reloads, combat physiology, multiple assailants, etc.

I welcome Arizona's recognition of our pre-existent inherent right to self-protection!

J-P. A. Maldonado | Phoenix


Violence and bullying in our schools

Please bring awareness to community problems that include a huge issue of violence as well as bullying in the Cave Creek School District. This is a nationwide problem and anti-bullying Arizona laws are not being enforced by the school district or PD as of yet, at a level that will make any sort of difference. Looking into police reports at local schools as well as how many students have been removed from Desert Arroyo over the years, as a result of the problems there will give you further information. However, the school district is not willing to give information out that will make them look bad even when parents call the office to inquire about incidents they hear about through parent chit chat and e-mails.

It is unbelievable that Cave Creek can continue to get A+ ratings by the Arizona Education Foundation when so many problems exist in the local schools. Please explore the fact for another article. The foundation pre-announces the school visit for their pending rating of the school and then the school can stage and produce false information to get the good designation. They don’t even take into consideration crime levels on campus or district complaints about the school. It is not accurate at all. A school receiving A+ can actually be a terrible school. Specific concerns follow.

Sensationalized violence has caught up with Cave Creek youth. Shocking behavior this month at Desert Arroyo Middle School has school officials scrambling to salvage control of their closing school. One student was forced into a restroom and made to endure multiple blows to the head while at least 20 other students watched and videotaped to post on Facebook – yet another sign that bullying problems are plaguing Arizona schools even with the new anti-bullying laws in place.

Arrests were made and at least three different videos have been filed with the police department as evidence. The crowd watched but not one student went to a teacher to help the victim and no bystanders came to aid. However, many students passed the video around to friends joking about it and commenting on Facebook about it.

Last week several students were suspended for oral sex in the same restroom. Other Desert Arroyo students have been caught dogfighting fellow students and betting on campus – bullying students by throwing two students in a locked restroom to spar with peers pressuring them to fight each other again while a group of students watch and video.

“Parents and school administration need to wake up and get control back,” says 6th grade mom Kelly M.

“Hard to believe this is going on at a school of 12-14 year old kids,” said James Ferneley. “It reflects on the district’s in ability to staff due to budget cuts, lack of supervision on campus and indicates a need for zero tolerance policy for students committing crimes on campus. What happened to the old days of juvenile hall? Kids reeking havoc in schools should be expelled.”

Another member of the PTO asks “Parents, do you really want your 12 year old watching oral sex in the restroom or watching another kid get beat to a pulp – if not you better stand up and be heard because the policy now prevents students initiating these events from being expelled.” Parents are in an uproar stating “Policies need to be changed.”

Cave Creek needs to get control of the schools back. Cave Creek schools are excelling. Excelling in bad behavior.

Jose Vallardo | Cave Creek


Obama announces arrests in massive financial fraud

President Obama continued his laudatory campaign to root out financial fraud by announcing the arrests of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, and the trustees of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds.

“These crooks are not only responsible for defrauding the American people of trillions of dollars, but they have given free-market capitalism a bad name among the economic illiterate who graduate from government K-12 schools and Ivy League universities without knowing anything about the nation’s financial system, other than the disgusting tripe that is published by the brain-dead media,” said Obama from the Oval Office.

Geithner was arrested for cooking the nation’s books. One of the 25 indictments specified that he purposely and knowingly excluded $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities from the Treasury’s balance sheet.

The executive director of the National Association of Certified Public Accountants, I.B. Boring, said that “justice has finally been served.” He explained that it’s been the law for 24 years for unfunded liabilities to be reflected on corporate balance sheets. “Kudos to the president for making the government live by its own laws,” said Boring.

Bernanke was arrested for running a banking cartel and then covering it up with lies about the nation’s financial system being an example of free-market capitalism run amok. “Free-market capitalism, my ass,” said Obama angrily. “Although I graduated from two Ivy League universities, even I know that the Federal Reserve was established to protect the interests of the big banks, to allow Wall Street to make zillions by arbitraging interest rate and currency fluctuations caused by the Fed’s tinkering of the money supply, and to allow Congress to print money to give stuff to voters without raising taxes.”

Another indictment against Bernanke was for lying before Congress. The Justice Department has released videos of Bernanke testifying during his first and second confirmation hearings, when he said nothing about the true nature of the cartel and the deplorable financial condition of the nation. In fact, he waited until his re-nomination was confirmed to say that government spending was unsustainable.

“Not only did he break the law,” said Obama, “but he has the judgment of a kumquat.” The president was referring to Bernanke’s congressional testimony in 2005, when he said that there was no danger of a real estate bubble.

The trustees of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds were arrested because the funds are empty. The trillions of dollars of workers’ contributions have been spent instead of being held in trust for retirement. Banging his fist on the lectern, Obama exclaimed, “They don’t know the meaning of “trust,” but they’ll soon know the meaning of “prison.”

The president lamented that he didn’t have the constitutional authority to arrest Congress for going along with the fraud, or to arrest every public high school principal and university president in the nation for producing graduates who don’t know the difference between true free-market capitalism and the Mussolini-style corporatism that exists in the nation today.

Craig J. Cantoni | Scottsdale


Arizona's future just got a little brighter

First of all, let me thank Governor Brewer for having the courage to make a stand against the special interests and signing SB1070 into law. Also, my gratitude to Russell Pearce for his unswerving dedication to making our state a safer place to live. In case you were in any doubt that this was an election year, the self-denounced former Maverick, Juan McCain, has predictably turned hard right. In an endless media barrage, he has been droning on about how Washington has failed to secure our borders. You are "Washington" and we are not buying your new-found zeal for sealing the border with a "damned fence" as you so eloquently put it.

The two subjects that raise my hackles converged in a strange way on Thursday. They would be illegal immigration and education. High school kids of Mexican descent were protesting the new bill. As they usually do, they were proudly displaying a Mexican flag and chanting "Si Su Puede!" Real smart! Someone must have twittered or texted these hapless fools because halfway through the march they ditched their flag in favor of "Old Glory."
Guess which photo the Republic ran on the front page? It is likely that many of these buffoons are ungrateful American citizens, due to the current mis-reading of the constitution, yet their loyalties still remain to that festering pit of criminality to the south. If you love it so much, go back and help make something of that country.

Finally, to the usual crew from Central Casting who bussed into town from California to express disdain for something that is none of their business: Are you kidding? Why would we ever listen to you? We have seen first hand the effects of unbridled immigration and zero-assimilation that has pushed your state to the verge of bankruptcy. We have seen it, and we reject it.

Arizona's future just got a little brighter.

Gary Kiernan | Cave Creek


In appreciation

A writer to Your View in the April 14 issue of Sonoran News said Dr. Herbert Hitchon failed his professional obligations by not jumping in to “assist the citizen having a heart attack at the (Carefree) council meeting.” I am the citizen who had the cardiac event and I would like to correct the mistaken conclusion stated in Your View.

Herbert Hitchon is a friend and a fine doctor who functions in a difficult cancer treatment specialty. He demonstrated his professionalism and good judgment by not inserting himself into a rescue effort where there were three trained individuals who were very familiar with CPR and the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) rushing into action. I am indebted to Fire Chief John Kraetz, Sheriff’s Department Lt. Rich Burden and Vice Mayor Glenn Miller for making me one of the five percent who survive such an event.

I’m also indebted to the Carefree community who’ve contributed and invested in several AEDs. These have been strategically placed such that one was at Town Clerk Betsy Wise’s side less than twenty feet from me. I have no memory of the event after the world suddenly went black, but I’m told that the cooperation of those in attendance assisted these men in taking the appropriate actions. The doctors at Mayo assure me that without this quick response I would not have survived.

This is a case where everybody did the right thing and it is times like this that reinforce the knowledge that we live in an extraordinary community.

Ned Dobak | Carefree